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Apr 26, 2017
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Egyptian Human Rights Activist Demonstrates on Dolls How Men Harass Women, and Vice Versa

#6020 | 01:23
Source: The Internet - "Elsadek on YouTube"

Egyptian human rights activist Hany Elsadek posted a video on his YouTube account on April 27 in which he demonstrated on dolls what constitutes sexual harassment of women by men, and vice versa. Elsadek, who is the head of the “Middle East for Rights and Freedoms” and in the past expressed admiration for Hitler (see MEMRI Clip: https://www.memri.org/tv/egyptian-human-rights-activist-hany-elsadek-defense-hitler-great-man-who-exposed-truth-about-jews) explained that if a man pulls up the dress of a modestly dressed woman, he is sexually harassing her, but that if he pulls up the dress of a woman who is not dressed modestly, it is the woman who is harassing the man because “she incited him to perpetrate a crime.”


Hany Elsadek: "There has been a lot of talk lately about the crime of sexual harassment. We want to know who is wrong and who deserves punishment. Is the man the only one who harasses, or is it the woman, or maybe both? Let's take a look together. If a woman who covers herself like that is walking down the street, and a man comes and exposes her private parts or her leg, this is sexual harassment, punishable by the Egyptian penal code."


Elsadek demonstrates this by lifting a doll’s dress


"As we said, if a man uncovers a woman's body he deserves punishment, because he exposed her private parts. Understood?


"What if a woman is walking down the street dressed like that?"


Elsadek points to another doll


"What's the difference between the two? In the first case, the perpetrator is the man and the victim is the woman, whereas here, it is the woman who harasses the man. She attracted him and incited him to perpetrate the crime, to include punishment for both male and female sexual harassers. Therefore, the Egyptian law must be reexamined, to include punishment for both male and female sexual harassers."


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