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Nov 16, 2012
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Egyptian Hulk Hogan Wannabe Threatens: I Would Go and Fight Israel Right Now

#3643 | 58
Source: The Internet

Following are excerpts from a video clip featuring the "Egyptian Hulk Hogan" in a demonstration against Israel, which was posted on the Internet on November 16, 2012.

Egyptian Hulk Hogan: We need to bully Israel like it bullies the entire world. We should beat it with a shoe. Only shoe-beating works with Israel.

With regard to negotiations with Israel – they breached the agreements with the Prophet Muhammad, and with all the countries.

Hosni Mubarak used to pamper them. They would sit in his lap, and he in theirs, and they would settle everything.

Interviewer: Are you willing to go and fight Israel right now?

Egyptian Hulk Hogan: If only a plane would come, pick me up, and drop me in the heart of Israel.

Interviewer: Bravo, well said.

Egyptian Hulk Hogan: Every Egyptian is worth a thousand soldiers.


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