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Dec 19, 2016
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Egyptian Host on Saudi TV Channel Celebrates Assassination of "Crusader Pig" Russian Ambassador, Calls for Assassination of Russian, U.S., and Other Ambassadors in All Islamic Countries

#5810 | 01:28
Source: Safa TV (Saudi Arabia)

Muhammad Saber, a TV host for the Cairo-based Saudi Islamist TV channel Safa TV, rejoiced upon hearing of the assassination of the Russian ambassador to Turkey. Saber aired the video of the assassination and thanked the assassin "for causing that pig of an ambassador to die like an animal." He expressed the hope that all Arab countries would "assassinate the orthodox pig Crusader ambassador," and that the ambassadors of the 5+1 – Russia, Iran, Iraq, Syria, and Lebanon, plus the United States – would be assassinated in all the Islamic countries, since these countries are unwilling to expel them. The comments were made on the night of December 19, following the assassination of the Russian ambassador.


Muhammad Saber: "This breaking news just came in: The Russian ambassador in Ankara was assassinated live on air. Let's watch it together, and I hope that soon all of the Arab countries will assassinate the [Russian] orthodox pig Crusader ambassador. Let's watch it."



Footage of assassination






Muhammad Saber: "We thank this officer of the Turkish riot police for causing that pig of an ambassador to die like an animal. I hope that this will be the lot of all the ambassadors in the 57 Islamic countries. Oh Allah, may we see one of them die each day, in exchange for the half a million dead Syrians – women, children, and others. Kill them all.






"I hope that this Russian ambassador will be followed by the Iranian ambassador, the Iraqi ambassador, and the Lebanese ambassador. I hope so! We have been saying from day one: Expel the ambassadors of the 5+1 countries. Expel the Russian, the Iranian, the Syrian, the Lebanese, and the Iraqi ambassadors. Expel these five pigs from our Arab countries – plus 1, which is the American ambassador. Since this will never happen, all of them will be assassinated."


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