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Apr 28, 2020
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Muslim Brotherhood TV Host Maged Abdallah: Jews Founded Egyptian Cinema in order to Control the World through the Media in Accordance with The Protocols of the Elders of Zion

#7974 | 03:01
Source: Elsharq TV (Turkey-Based Egyptian MB)

Egyptian TV host Maged Abdallah said in an April 28, 2020 show on Elsharq TV (Turkey-Based Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood) that Egyptian cinema was founded by Jews and that the majority of Egyptian actors and film crews consisted of Jews. He elaborated that in The Protocols of the Elders of Zion, the Jews laid out their plan to take over the world and gain control of people's minds by means of the media and the press. He said that it was thus "only natural" for the Jews to take control of the cinema and he claimed that cinema, soccer, the press, casinos, night clubs, and global advertising agencies are all run and owned by Jews.

Maged Abdallah: "Egyptian cinema was founded by Jews. This is a historical truth that we cannot deny. We must think about and realize this fact, so that we become familiar with the record of Egyptian cinema since its establishment and to this day. Nothing has changed. Many of them are not Egyptian, as I've said, but some actors were Egyptian Jews.

"Why didn't the Muslims and Christians play a role at the beginning of [Egyptian] cinema?  The prevailing idea back then was that cinema is a strange thing. Even acting was considered to be strange. Most of the theater actors were Jews and those who entered the cinema [industry] were also Jews, because Egyptian Muslim and Christian women considered it very shameful for a Muslim woman to act in theater or in films. The great theater actor Youssef Wahbi was the first to act in an Egyptian talkie.


"It is true that some Muslim Egyptians acted in this movie alongside Youssef Wahbi, but the entire technical crew consisted of Jews - Egyptian Jews as well as Italian and French Jews. Why? Because the Jews realized from very early on that cinema should be influential, and they rushed to get their hands on it. The Elders of Zion wrote about this in their Protocols. What did they say in the Protocols of the Elders of Zion? They said that they would take over the world using a few things. They did not want to waste time discussing things amongst themselves. When they sat down to write The Protocols of the Elders of Zion, the Jews knew where they were going. They knew how to gain control of the minds of the people of the world.

"The media! That was the first thing written in those Protocols. It was written in Protocol 13. The media, the press... When cinema emerged, it was only natural for it to be included under media and the press. They incorporated their children who were technicians and actors into [cinema] and they bought up the international stars and took control of them.


"The cinema, soccer, the press, the casinos, the nightclubs - look up who owns them, who runs them... More important still - the world's advertising companies. Look up who owns them, because these companies operate the factories, make the advertisements, control the TV channels, and finance them through ads. And who owns them? Who runs them? They are all, without exception, Jews."

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