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Mar 22, 2022
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Egyptian TV Host Ibrahim Eissa: Liberal European Journalists, Politicians Accept The Muslim Brotherhood And Accuse Its Critics Of Islamophobia; Liberal Logic Ignores The Fact That They Are Murderers — The World Has Gone Crazy!

#9668 | 02:09
Source: Al-Kahera Wal-Nas TV (Egypt)

Egyptian TV host Ibrahim Eissa said in a June 3, 2022 show on Al-Kahera Wal-Nas TV (Egypt) that the Muslim Brotherhood controls all the groups in Europe that represent Muslims and that as a result, liberal journalists and politicians in the West believe that this is what Islam is and accept Islamic extremism because they want to respect different cultures. He said that on the other hand, they say that people who oppose the Muslim Brotherhood are Islamophobic, elaborating: "But the Muslim Brotherhood members and Islamists with their 'Westophobia' and who talk about a global Crusader conspiracy – that’s all fine and dandy!... The world has gone crazy." For more about Ibrahim Eissa, see MEMRI TV clips Nos. 9082, 8621, 8568, 7852, 7295, 7172, 6767, 6530, 6416, and 5150.

Ibrahim Eissa: "[Muslim Brotherhood members] control all the councils and organizations that represent Muslims in Europe.


"They have a monopoly over speaking on behalf of Muslims in Europe. They play a major role in shaping the way that the Western press views Egypt.

"Why? Because Western journalists, from France, Germany, or England, as well as the politicians, especially the leftists and the liberals, who believe that opening up to other cultures means accepting [their] extremism...

"They do not view the Muslim Brotherhood as an extremist, terrorist group. They see the Muslim Brotherhood as a group representing a different culture, and they say that 'We must respect other cultures, and should not label them as extremists, because this is their culture, and they are free to uphold it.' This liberal, open logic ignores the fact that this is a group of murderers. They are afraid to say this because they do not want to appear like they oppose Islam.


"What is it to you, leftist Americans or French? You don't understand anything. You do not know this culture, and you do not understand this religion. Even human rights groups... You do not understand anything. You talk about extremism as if it is the [real Islamic] religion. You respect extremism because you think it is the religion. No sir, it is not. And on top of everything, they develop theories about us. They say: 'Oh, you are against the other. You are Islamophobes.' They are telling us that we are Islamophobes.

"But the Muslim Brotherhood members and Islamists with their 'Westphobia' and who talk about a global Crusader conspiracy — that's all fine and dandy! It's crazy. Crazy. But the world has gone insane."

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