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Aug 07, 2023
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Egyptian TV Host Basma Wahba: When Homosexuals Break Up, They Kill Themselves Or Their Partners; The West Spreads Homosexuality In The Arab World To Increase The Pool Of Eligible Alternatives

#10456 | 02:49
Source: Mehwar TV (Egypt)

Egyptian TV host Basma Wahba, in an August 7, 2023 monologue on her show on Mehwar TV (Egypt), discussed an episode of How to Get Away with Murder on Netflix, which depicts a Muslim woman who wears a hijab and is married to another woman, and she said that she hopes that the actresses who portrayed them die. Wahba said that the ultimate goal of spreading homosexuality in the Arab world is to destroy it. In addition, she said that homosexuals frequently commit suicide or murder their former partners, and that they therefore seek to increase the size of the gay community, because they will otherwise run out of partners.

Basma Wahba: "I am shocked and flabbergasted. I feel the world is undergoing a catastrophe. There is an alarming decision to spread homosexuality in the world – especially among the Arabs.


"The ultimate goal is to destroy the Arab world. So my title [for this monologue] is: 'No to the destruction of the Arab world! No to the destruction of Egypt and its youth!'


"On Netflix, they aired a film about a woman... It goes without saying that she is not really a Muslim. They brought an actress. They put a hijab on her, and showed she is a lesbian and is married to her girlfriend. Her girlfriend died... Inshallah, both actresses die in real life as well.


"According to some statistics, most homosexuals end up committing suicide. What is the reason for this?


"Their community is very small, so their relationship is not merely perverse. It is a sick relationship, because if anything happens and they break up, both of them die because they are unable to find any other partner. Their community is that small and closed. So the leaders of this depraved ideology in the world have begun to widen the scale.


"When couples living in such a small and closed community lose their partners, they kill each other. If his partner cheats on him or refuses to talk to him, he kills him. Or [in case of lesbians] she kills her partner.

"Therefore, they want to increase the size of their community so that more people will be involved in this homosexuality, and there will not be so many killing and suicide cases."

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