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Jun 09, 2015
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Egyptian Historian Ahmad Sarhan: The Egyptians, Not Columbus, Discovered America - Archival

#5708 | 02:45

In an Egyptian TV interview, historian and film director Dr. Ahmad Sarhan claimed that "the genes of the native Americans are a 95% match with the people of the south of Upper Egypt," who had inhabited the continent before the expeditions by the "Irish" Christopher Columbus. The indigenous people had been exterminated "in order for this history to be wiped out," according to Dr. Sarhan. The interview aired on Assema TV on June 10, 2015.


Following are excerpts



Dr. Ahmad Sarhan: "We are all familiar with the story of Christopher Columbus, who discovered the two Americas. He was sailing westward, around the world, until he reached the Americas. Upon his return, when he was honored by the king, he said: 'I now intend to discover the Americas from the east.' When he sailed eastward, across the Atlantic, he came across the islands of Granada. When he got there, he thought that he had reached India - his original mission was to discover India. He saw dark-skinned people, who painted their faces, so he called them 'Red Indians.' They were the indigenous people of America. There is research that supports my film. When I presented my film in festivals abroad, an English researcher said to me: Let's prove it scientifically. So she collected gene samples from present-day Native Americans, and circled the whole world, collecting gene samples from every race and people. She discovered that the genes of the Native Americans are a 95% match with the people of the south of Upper Egypt."






"Columbus was Irish. After he made his journey to America, they started sending to America the arch-criminals sentenced to death. They were told to deal with the Native Americans and clear the land. In return, they were pardoned. When these people went there, they engaged in wars against the Native Americans, just like we all saw in cowboy movies. They started taking the land, and found treasures. It was still virgin land and had gold in it - we've all seen the story of gold in the American movies. The English, or the Europeans, coveted this land. So they started sending armies to fight the criminals they themselves had sent there. That's when they started adopting the American nationality. But the ones who most deserved to be called Americans were the Egyptians of the time. This whole thing was covered up by the media."






Host: "How can it be that we discovered the Americas, but they are well off, whereas we are in our current situation?"



Dr. Ahmad Sarhan: "That is precisely why they annihilated them. What was the purpose of the wars in America? To annihilate that people - the indigenous people whom they called Red Indians. They had to be totally exterminated in order for this history to be wiped out. But to this day, 80% of the letters in the language of the Native Americans are, in fact, hieroglyphic."





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