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Nov 16, 2005
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Egyptian Expert Said Al-Lawindi: Falluja a Holiday Party Cowboy Style

#360 | 02:09
Source: Channel 1 (Egypt)

Dr. Said Al-Lawindi an international relations expert at Al-Ahram Institute:

Interviewer: This holiday has shown no mercy to the people of Falluja. Seven straight days of attacks and house demolitions, with house-to-house searches for those who resist the Anglo-American occupation. Women, children, and the elderly have been expelled and killed, whether deliberately or not, but this is the result of the ongoing American attack on Falluja.

Is this a holiday gift from the American administration and from President Bush in his second term?

Dr. Said Al-Lawindi: We can say this with complete certainty. This is a holiday party in cowboy style, and a celebration of American-style democracy – bloodshed, killing, the torture of the sick and the wounded, and the burning of everything possible.

This is, in fact, a scorched-earth policy. It is painful, but it completely corresponds to the world view so venerated by the US, according to which anyone who opposes the American must be a terrorist. This makes it necessity to distinguish between men of resistance – patriots who are proud of their country – and the terrorist who leave only scorched earth behind them. I maintain that this is the logic of the American cowboy and the lawless logic of America in the 21st century, which nobody accepts. The US is a rogue state. It accuses others of rogues, while in fact the US is the greatest rogue state in the entire world.


There is talk about Al-Zarqawi. Where is this Al-Zarqawi? I have read even in the French press, in Le Monde, that anyone can show a photograph of someone who died decades ago and claim that it is Al-Zarqawi. This is an attempt by the US to emphasize… you can’t go on forever talking about bin Laden, who has also become a myth. There has to be a second, third, and fourth generation to allow this school of thought to continue to exist.


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