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Mar 08, 2017
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Egyptian Executioner Hussein "Ashmawi" Qarni Demonstrates Hanging on Journalist Samia Farouk (Archival)

#6828 | 02:35
Source: Online Platforms - "Al-Wafd Online"

Egyptian journalist Samia Farouk wrote an article about Hussein "Ashmawi" Qarni, a famous Egyptian executioner, and recorded a video of him demonstrating on her how he prepares people for hanging. The video shows Qarni strapping Farouk's arms together so that her neck sticks out, putting her head through a noose, and covering her head with a black hood. The video was uploaded to the Al-Wafd Online (Egypt) YouTube channel on March 8, 2017 and has almost 2.5 million views.

Following are excerpts:


Hussein "Ashmawi" Qarni: The whole thing is done without talking, of course.

Samia Farouk: You don't have to talk…

Hussein "Ashmawi" Qarni: This is it, we are getting you ready to meet the Lord.




Just a minute, just a minute. This way I can pull the shoulders back, so that the neck will stick out.




Hold this pin, as well…

Samia Farouk: There is no need because I don't want to take off the hijab.

Cameraman: She does not want to… Don't take it off.

Hussein "Ashmawi" Qarni: Fine, I won't.

Samia Farouk: You can just put the black hood on.

Hussein "Ashmawi" Qarni: That comes after the noose.

Samia Farouk: The noose comes before the black hood?

Hussein "Ashmawi" Qarni: The rope comes first, like this… Like this, you see? I'll put on the hood now.

Samia Farouk: Okay.

Hussein "Ashmawi" Qarni: That's it. Now we open the trap door, and we are finished. That's it. Don't be afraid.

Samia Farouk: My legs are not supposed to be tied?

Hussein "Ashmawi" Qarni: Of course they are. But we are not doing it for real now.

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