December 23, 2018
Clip No.

Egyptian TV Debate: Polygamy as a Solution to Egypt’s "Spinster Crisis"

During a debate about polygamy that aired on December 23, 2018, on Al-Rahma TV (Egypt), pro-polygamy activist Saber Ghanem said that Egypt has a “ticking time bomb” of 11 million women who are past the age of marriage. He explained that everyone, including these women, have natural needs that urges that need to be satisfied, and that some men have particularly powerful sexual urges, and he argued that polygamy addresses this problem. He also said that while the first wife is most important, a man can marry another wife if his first wife falls ill. Islam Amer, the Head of the Marriage Officials Union, said that polygamy is the solution to Egypt’s "spinster crisis."

Following are excerpts:


Saber Ghanem: My colleagues have said that polygamy is obligatory, but it's not. It is permitted by the shari'a.




These is a ticking time bomb in our society – 11 million women have passed the age of marriage. Every human being, male or female, has natural needs – food, drink, clothes, and sexual needs. These women – including wives, divorced women, and widows – have sexual needs. This is the way Allah has created Adam and Eve in order to populate the world.




One advantage of polygamy, apart from reducing the spinster problem… Dr. Sharif talked about the first wife…

Host: She is the most important wife.

Saber Ghanem: Fine. If my first wife becomes ill, but I still want to keep her, I should marry another woman.




Another advantage of polygamy, according to Sheikh Ibn Uthaymeen, is that it strengthens the bonds between tribes, families, countries, and so on… Another advantage – some men have powerful sexual urges. Sheikh Ibn Uthaymeen said this. I'm not inventing anything.




Islam Amer: Our problem is that we do not accept, realize, or fathom that polygamy will resolve this crisis.

Host: True.

Islam Amer: We have 11 million spinsters who have passed the age of marriage, 4.5 million divorced women, and 5 million widows…  What can we do with these 16 million women?