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Apr 23, 2018
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Egyptian Cleric Muhammad Al-Zoghbi: The Jews Assassinate Scientists and Activists So That There Will Be No Brilliant Minds in the Arab and Islamic World

#6596 | 02:36
Source: Al-Rahma TV (Egypt)

Egyptian cleric Sheikh Muhammad Al-Zoghbi said, in an interview following the assassination in Malaysia of Hamas member Fadi al-Batsch, that the Zionist Jews assassinate "peaceful civilians, who work in fields of applied science," as well as activists, because "they do not want there to be any brilliant minds whatsoever" in the Arab and Islamic world. He further said that the wars waged by the "cancerous Zionist entity" in the region stem from a religious belief. "True, it is a false belief, but nonetheless it is a belief," he said. Sheikh Al-Zoghbi was speaking on the Egyptian Al-Rahma TV channel on April 23.


Following is a transcript:

Muhammad Al-Zoghbi: What we have here is a conflict between the Zionist Jews and the Arabs in general and the Muslims in particular. The Jews manage this conflict on two tracks. The first is the military track, and the second is the assassination of peaceful civilians who work in fields of applied science, as well as the assassination of activists in the Arab and Islamic world. They do not want there to be any brilliant minds whatsoever, because brilliant minds would contribute to creativity in the Arab and Islamic societies. It would contribute to significant revival in the Arab and Islamic societies, to dealing with economic problems in these regions, and would contribute to the defense power of the Arab region, through exploration and discovery of equipment, aircrafts, and so on. Therefore, they want the Arab and Islamic region to remain a consumer market, by remaining forever subservient, not superior.


The wars waged by the cancerous Zionist entity in the region stem from a religious belief. True, it is a false belief, but nonetheless it is a belief. Their wars and their fighting are based on religious belief. Their assassination of Muslims is based on religious belief.


It has not been proven that any Arab country ever assassinated a single Zionist anywhere on Earth. The Jews, however, consider it permissible to assassinate activists and scientific cadres all over the world.


Even on the battlefield, they target the Muslims all over the world, without exception. With all due respect, we see the Arabs competing in normalizing ties and establishing friendly relations [with Israel], even though our Creator and theirs says to us all – and He knows us all best: “You will surely find the strongest in enmity to the believers to be the Jews.” The Jews!


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