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Apr 02, 2006
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Egyptian Cleric Zaghloul Al-Naggar: Israel Must Be Destroyed. America Will Be Dissipated to Nothing

#1091 | 06:14
Source: Iqra TV (Saudi Arabia)

Following are excerpts from a speech given by Egyptian cleric Zaghloul Al-Naggar, which aired on Iqra TV on April 2, 2006.

Zaghloul Al-Naggar: The 20th century crime is the creation of this false state amidst the Arab world and amidst the Muslim world, with no justification whatsoever - historical, ethnic, religious, you name it. They have no justification to be in that region at all. And that's why Muslims have to struggle hard to destroy this state, regardless of the blind support of the Americans and of many European nations to it, stemming from wrong misconceptions and wrong beliefs that have been mainly infiltrated by the Jewish hand.

I have with me here ten quotations from ten American presidents, past and present, that claim to be the sole supporters of the State of Israel, regardless of any morality, regardless of any consciousness, regardless of any religious bindings, regardless of any human feelings.

The Jews in the region have been a destructive force. They have been killing, shooting, and looting every day. They have been demolishing mosques, hospitals, schools, churches every day. They have been destroying cultivated land, destroying homes on its inhabitants, under the strong assumption that they were given this land by a false promise.

It's high time for people of the world to look into this issue critically, not just blindfolded, like what the Americans are doing.

I have with me here Bill Clinton, who's supposed to be a more rational leader of America, despite his grievous sins. He says: "America and Israel share a special bond." I don't know what's that bond, where it came from.

"Our relationship is unique among all nations." On what basis, on what foundations?

"Like America, Israel is a strong democracy." Democracy that has killed during the last few months more than 3,000 civilian Palestinians, have demolished hundreds of homes, have decultivated thousands of acres of land, establishing a wall eight meters high to divide the land of Palestine into many separate entities. This is the democracy which Bill Clinton is acclaiming.

"As a symbol of freedom." I don't know what kind of freedom. They have thousands of innocent civilians in bondage. "A symbol of freedom, and an oasis of liberty." What liberty he says. I don't know.

"A home to the oppressed and persecuted" - and actually, the home of oppression and persecution.

This is just a simple quotation, I have tens of these quotations. But I would like to emphasize here, that if we go with distorted beliefs, if we go with misconceptions, if we go with wrong assumptions, like the assumption that the Jews are the chosen people of God, they can do whatever they like, every act they do is well justified, I think this world can never live in peace.

And I declare here, that this false state has to be demolished, sooner or later. America will not remain the sole world power forever. Time will come when this superpower will be dissipated to nothing. And the signs for this dissipation is quite obvious, I can see it quite clearly. And at that time the oppressors in Palestine would not find these tens of presidents of the United States to stand at their back, supporting them illegally, supporting them unethically, supporting them immorally, to do more killing, more raping, more destruction in the land of peace.


We come to tell our Christian friends in the world and to the Jews all over the world, that the misconception that a certain group of people have to be favored upon the rest of humanity just because they belong to a particular race is not a divine decree. This is a falsehood that has been infiltrated in the ancient revelation to Moses, peace be upon him, and in the ancient revelations of Jesus Christ, peace be upon him.

And it's high time for people of wisdom, people of rationalism, people of intelligence, of reason to look into these misconceptions and eradicate it completely from books that are supposed to be books of religion, books that invite Man to more morality, more sense of brotherhood and sisterhood, more sense of bowing in obedience to the Creator. And we tell them that the Holy Koran is the only word of the Divine Being, who has been kept preserved for more than 14 centuries in its divine purity and in its divine language.

If they want to know the judgment about the existence of a Jewish state in the middle of the Muslim world, they have to refer to the Holy Koran and to the traditions of Muhammad, peace be upon him, being the only source of enlightenment and the only source of truth within the hands of humanity today.

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