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Jul 16, 2009
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Egyptian Cleric Wagdi Ghoneim Calls President Sarkozy "a Fornicator" and President Obama "an Owl"

#2208 | 01:49
Source: Al-Jazeera Network (Qatar)

Following are excerpts from a public address by Egyptian cleric Wagdi Ghoneim, which aired on Al-Jazeera TV on July 16, 2009.

Wagdi Ghoneim: The Jews had nowhere to settle. They were scattered throughout Europe and America. Even now, most of the [Jews] living in our beloved Palestine are not Palestine nationals. Even [Gilad] Shalit, who has been captured by our brothers in Hamas, is a French national. This is why Sarkozy – that criminal fornicator, who has a forbidden relationship with a woman and a bastard daughter from her, yet says that a woman's veil contradicts her liberty... What business is it of yours, you fornicator? He went to visit Saudi Arabia with this woman, and they wouldn't let him in. They asked him: "Who's this?" He said: "She's my girlfriend." So they said: "Girlfriend? You expect us to welcome you with 'horns'?! Get lost. Next time, come with your wife, and we will respect you and let you in, but when you come with a girlfriend, and say that a woman must not wear the veil to school..."


"Buma" [an owl] came to Egypt and declared: "Al-Salam Alaykum."


All the people in the front row applauded him. They applauded 25 times. I don't know what for. You animals – he is killing your sons in Iraq, he is killing your Muslim mothers and sisters in Afghanistan, and he sent a ship loaded with weapons to the Jews, in order to replace the three million kg of weapons that they used against your brothers in Gaza for 23 days.


You come and tell me we should recognize Israel? If you love them so much, take them [to the U.S.]. Give them half a state of the United States. Take them. They won't take up even half a state. Not even one quarter of a state. America is a large continent. But no, they planted [Israel] in our midst.

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