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Nov 15, 2015
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Egyptian Cleric Wagdi Ghoneim on Arab Response to Paris Attacks: Why Don't You Shed Your Crocodile Tears over Muslims?

#5186 | 02:37
Source: Online Platforms

Egyptian cleric Sheikh Wagdi Ghoneim recently criticized the Arab media coverage of the Paris attacks and its aftermath, calling it "disappointing stupidity, idiocy, and sloppiness," and asking: "Why should the entire planet be sad because Paris is sad?" Ghoneim, who is in exile in Turkey, further said: "Why didn't you shed tears over the innocent Muslims, brother?! Why didn't you shed your crocodile tears?!" His address was posted on the Internet on November 15, 2015.

Following are excerpts:

Wagdi Ghoneim: I'd like to comment on the disappointing stupidity, idiocy, and sloppiness of, I'm sad to say, our brothers and of, I'm sad to say, our TV channels, which claim to represent the legitimate cause. God help us. What happened?! What's going on?! If you want to report on [the Paris attacks], that's fine – but reports, analyses, studio guests talking, and some stupid woman even said: "if Paris is sad, the whole planet is sad." Why do you say this, sister? May Allah sadden your heart! Why should the entire planet be sad because Paris is sad? Another one said [on TV]: "By God, I shed tears on 9/11 for the innocent people who died."

Why didn't you shed tears over the innocent Muslims, brother?! Why didn't you shed your crocodile tears?! May Allah help us. You only shed tears over the West?! Where were you when Muslims were killed?! The airforce of these criminals are bombing and killing us every day.


When George Bush was in office, he was sitting with Tony Blair next to him – may Allah unite them in Hell, along with anyone who loves them… George Bush said to Journalists: "I've decided to kill 20 million Muslims, and one Christian doctor." All the journalists jumped and asked: "Mr. President… One question… Who is the Christian doctor you want to kill?!" Bush said [to Blair]: "What did I tell you?! I told you that nobody would ask about the 20 million Muslims I want to kill." They would ask about the Christian because he has blue eyes. He has a Western face. He's a superman… Their lives are different from ours… You want proof? Nobody is talking about the Rohingya Muslims.


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