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Apr 24, 2015
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Egyptian Cleric Saad Abu Aziz: Jews Are a Malignant Tumor That Must Be Eradicated

#4888 | 01:10
Source: The Internet

In an April 24 Friday sermon, which he posted on the Internet, Egyptian cleric Saad Yusuf Abu Aziz declared that the Jews are "a malignant tumor" as demonstrated by their "dark history." The sermon was delivered in Al-Zawiya Al-Gharbiya Mosque in Ghamrin, in Monufia governorate.

Following is an excerpt:

Saad Abu Aziz: With regard to the Jews, the Israelites, if you look into their dark history – beginning with their relations with Allah's prophets, whom they slayed without the right to do so, and ending with what we see in our day and age – you will realize for certain that they are nothing but a malignant malady, a malignant tumor, which can only be treated by eradication. The books of history overflow with accounts of the Jews and their dark record.


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