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Jan 08, 2013
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Egyptian Cleric Rasmi 'Ajlan: Sex with Pregnant Wife Enhances Future Child's Intelligence

#3722 | 02:14
Source: Al-Omma TV (Egypt)

Following are excerpts from an interview with Egyptian cleric Rasmi ‘Ajlan, which aired on Al-Omma TV on January 8, 2013:


Rasmi ‘Ajlan: The Prophet Muhammad said: “Do not copulate with a slavegirl before she menstruates again.”



Interviewer: Allah Akbar! Allah! Allah!



Rasmi ‘Ajlan: And also: “Do not irrigate the seed of another man with your own water.”



Interviewer: With your permission, Sheik Rasmi, I’d like to point out to the viewers the beautiful, civilized, and sublime prophetic language. “Irrigating the seed” means copulating with a woman. This is a sublime prophetic phrasing, which means that a man should not copulate with a slavegirl before she menstruates again.



Go ahead, Sheik Rasmi. By Allah, this is beautiful.



Rasmi ‘Ajlan: If a man is married and his wife is pregnant with his child – the more he copulates with her, the more his semen enhances the future child’s intelligence.



Interviewer: You must repeat this. This is very new to me.



Rasmi ‘Ajlan: If Allah blesses a man with a pregnant wife...



Interviewer: The wife is pregnant. Got it.



Rasmi ‘Ajlan: If he copulates with her after the 40 days during which the fetus is created...



Interviewer: You mean, when she is pregnant?



Rasmi ‘Ajlan: Yes. He irrigates his own fetus with his own semen.



Interviewer: Allah Akbar.



Rasmi ‘Ajlan: According to medical science, this increases the child’s intelligence.



Interviewer: Allah Akbar! Allah Akbar! This is the wondrous scientific nature of Islam.





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