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Jan 18, 2015
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Egyptian Cleric Omar Abdelkafi: The Paris Attacks Are the Sequel to the Comedy Film of 9/11

#4782 | 02:28
Source: Online Platforms

In an address following the Paris attacks, Egyptian cleric Omar Abdelkafi said: "This play, to which the Muslims are subjected ad nauseam across the world, is the sequel to the comedy film of 9/11." The address was posted on the Internet on January 18, 2015.

Following are excerpts:

Omar Abdelkafi: This play, to which the Muslims are subjected ad nauseam across the world, is the sequel to the comedy film of 9/11. The first part took place in New York, and the sequel is taking place in Paris.


We Muslims are not the ones who killed 100 million Indians in North America. They did. We were not the ones who killed 50 million native Indians in South America. We were not the ones who killed 60 million people in the first and second world wars. It was not us. The religion of us Muslims is one of mercy, and our Prophet is merciful. We are not the ones who enslaved 188 million Africans. It wasn't us. We are not the ones who threw 80% of those Africans into the Atlantic, as they were being transported to the New World.

There were 49 ships owned by the grandmother of the [current] British queen, and she would sell these Africans for the price of $2 per head. These Africans were taken from their native lands in shackles. On each boat, a priest would preach to them about the tolerance of Jesus. What tolerance by Jesus are they talking about? A free man is taken from his village to become a slave to his masters.

This continued until the 1960s. They would write on their shops: "No dogs or blacks allowed." Dearly beloved, we are the ones who have taught the world mercy. Our Prophet Muhammad is the prophet of mercy. Soon you will find out that [the Paris attacks] were a comedy show, in which we played no part.


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