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Dec 05, 2015
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Egyptian Cleric Khaled Elgendy Rejoices at Night Club Arson Attack that Left 16 Dead: They Attracted Allah's Wrath

#5202 | 01:55
Source: Al-Hayat (Egypt)

Egyptian cleric Khaled Elgendy recently said that an arson attack on a Cairo night club, which left at least 16 people dead, was "something to be happy about." With regard to the December 4 petrol bombing of the night club, allegedly due to a dispute between the owners and disgruntled former employees, Elgendy told the Al-Hayat TV interviewer that it was Allah's vengeance upon His enemies. "You feel satisfied and calm when you see the word of Allah supreme, and the word of the infidels at the bottom," he said.

Following are excerpts:

Interviewer: The idea that God took vengeance upon someone on my behalf, and that I'm supposed to be happy about it…

Khaled Elgendy: There is no doubt that this is something to be happy about.

Interviewer: I don't feel this way.

Khaled Elgendy: Well, it is. When it is in support of Islam, and you see something done to the enemies of Islam, which removes the fury from his heart… Allah said in the Quran: "Remove the fury from the believers' hearts." He also said: "Heal the chests of the believers." You see? It says so in the Quran. You feel satisfied and calm when you see the word of Allah supreme, and the word of the infidels at the bottom. When you see that a pub or a bar was shut down, or a belly-dancer who repented…

Interviewer: If she repented, it's fine, but if she died in a fire, it makes me sad…

Khaled Elgendy: Well, of course.

Interviewer: You cannot rejoice in such a case.

Khaled Elgendy: We are happy whenever a pub is shut down. Take, for example, the bar that was burned down two days ago – there were good news and bad news. Let's start with the bad news, and get it out of the way. May Allah have mercy and forgive the dead. May He turn the way they died into a means for them to repent for their sins. Okay, are we done with those who were killed? I am happy that this pub will now be shut down, Allah willing.

Interviewer: Why? They will rebuild it.

Khaled Elgendy: Allah willing, they won't. I hope that the people in that neighborhood will be responsible enough to prevent another den of iniquity there. People, such places attract devils, shame, and catastrophes. It attracts the wrath of our Lord. Our Lord's wrath is manifest in bars and immoral places.


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