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Apr 08, 2017
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Egyptian Cleric Khaled Al-Gindi: Let Us Open the Mosques for Copts to Pray In

#5987 | 01:29
Source: DMC TV (Egypt)

Following the attacks on the Tanta and Alexandria churches on April 9, Egyptian cleric Khaled Al-Gindi said: "If the [terrorists] want to destroy churches... open the mosques for our Christian brothers to pray in." He was speaking on the Egyptian DMC TV channel.


Khaled Al-Gindi: As a matter of fact, we should not point the finger at anybody in particular. We all share responsibility [for the Coptic church attacks]. Anyone who thinks he does not share the responsibility - let him raise his hand and show himself.




These terrorists did not fall from the sky. They are present in our midst. The [terrorist] who obtained an explosives belt came from an Egyptian neighborhood, an Egyptian village, or an Egyptian street.




Note that they are focusing their efforts on a specific sector of Egypt - on our Coptic brothers. They are trying to sever them from our country, and to make our Coptic brothers feel as if they do not belong in the country. I call upon Al-Azhar to exert further efforts in order to put an end to this quickly. If the [terrorists] want to destroy churches, we should open the mosques for the [Copts] to pray in. I am a sheikh, and I say this live on air: Open the mosques for our Christian brothers to pray in. I think that this is the best message that we can send.



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