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Nov 26, 2016
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Egyptian Cleric Khaled Al-Gindi : Israel Is Behind Its Recent Fires, It Is Creating a New "Holocaust"

#5775 | 04:00
Source: Sada Al-Balad (Egypt)

Egyptian cleric Sheikh Khaled Al-Gindi accused Israel of being behind the fires that recently raged through the country. Calling it a "holocaust no. 2," he alleged that it was intended to tarnish the image of the Palestinians in the world and that "no reasonable person could doubt" that the goal was Israel's expansion. Speaking on the Egyptian Sada Al-Balad TV channel on November 26, Al-Gindi said that the timing of the fires, "exactly when Trump took power in the U.S.," was no coincidence and that it was just like the case of 9/11, which was "pinned on the Muslims worldwide, so that George Bush could declare war on the Islamic nation."

Following are excerpts:

Khaled Al-Gindi: "The state of Israel is an enemy as far as we are concerned. This is beyond doubt. Anybody who thinks otherwise is not right in the head. Israel turned our children into orphans, attacked our soldiers and our borders, plundered and violated our holy places. Israel is the thorn that was planted in the heart of the Arab world. Israel is a gang of thieves, criminals, and perverts. Israel exports all that is contaminated to the Arab nation and the entire world. Incidentally, it is the country that steals the most in the name of sympathy and humanity.

"There is something very serious to which I would like to draw people's attention. Let me take this opportunity to draw attention to it. What psychological model is used by the Jews to market themselves in order to make profits? Do they present themselves as strong or as weak?"

Sada Al-Balad TV host: "The strong."

Khaled Al-Gindi: "Absolutely not. Do you imagine that the state of Israel..."

Host: "They say to you: 'our country is this, that, and the other..."

Khaled Al-Gindi: "No, we say that. Think carefully: Through what means has Israel extorted its greatest profits? Think carefully: What myth has Israel always worked hard to propagate, and to profit from? The Holocaust, right? The Holocaust! Israel exploits the Holocaust. They say: 'We were burned! We were incinerated!' This is the part of the history about which there is conflicting evidence, and scholars and historians are in dispute over it. There is something very important that should be said: What has Israel done by means of the Holocaust? It has pocketed unlimited funds. Some countries feel guilty and to this day, give Israel unlimited funds, under the pretext of the 'Holocaust.' My dear sir, the UN issued a law regarding the Holocaust, criminalizing and persecuting anyone who tries to cast doubt upon it. Look how much the Jews bolster the Holocaust theory – that ploy that helps them pocket the money of other peoples. Israel is now repeating the 'holocaust' ploy [with regard to the raging fires]. This is a new 'holocaust."

Host: "They are behind [the fires in Israel]?

Khaled Al-Gindi: "I have no doubt that this is possible."


"This new 'holocaust,' was created by Israel exactly when Trump took power in the U.S. It wants to achieve global polarity. Do you remember the theory of 9/11, and the way it was pinned on the Muslims worldwide, so that George Bush could declare war on the Islamic nation? The same thing is repeating itself now. I'm sad to say that we are naïve, and some of us are even stupid."


"Israel will exploit this 'holocaust,' to whine that its Arab neighbors want it destroyed or burned. Some of our poor, oppressed, honorable Palestinian brothers will be arrested, and thrown onto this furnace to be blamed for this 'holocaust,' so that the world in its entirety will attack the Palestinians, and our image in the world will be completely tarnished."

Host: "So you are saying that they can't fool us, that what they are doing is in order to expand?"

Khaled Al-Gindi: "No reasonable person can doubt this. We must realize that this 'holocaust no. 2' is their style. It is their modus operandi. This is the model they have employed throughout their lives, and it has not changed. They assume the role of the weak, the wretched, the persecuted, the burned, whom everybody attacks and wants to get rid of, the country whose neighbors all want it to cease to exist."

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