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Dec 05, 2016
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Egyptian Cleric Ali Qassem: The Jewish "Cancer" Gnaws Away at Our Nation; All Muslims Rejoiced at the Recent "Divine" Fires Inflicted upon the Jews

#5827 | 02:08
Source: Online Platforms - ""Path to Allah" YouTube Channel"

Egyptian cleric Sheikh Ali Qassem recently said that the Jews, the "brethren of apes and pigs," were "the most base, contemptible, and despicable nation upon the Earth," adding that the "Jewish germ" was a cancer gnawing away at the body of the Islamic nation. He praised the recent fires that raged through Israel, saying that the Muslims were united in their loathing of the Jews and in their rejoicing at the harm inflicted by "divine winds and heavenly destructive fires." The lecture was posted on the "Path to Allah" YouTube channel on December 5.


Sheikh Ali Qassem: I'd like to expand on this loathsome term - "openness towards others" - and to enlighten you today about the Jewish "other." What more can be said about the Jews? That they are the ones who cursed Allah, they killed innocent people, and even slayed the prophets. They are the most base, contemptible, and despicable nation upon the Earth. They are the brethren of apes and pigs. They are the people of Falsehood, deception, heresy, and decline.



The Jews are the enemies in the past and in the present, and they will be our enemies until Judgment Day.




They have a long history of covert hatred toward Islam and the Muslims. This hatred has not ceased for a single moment. This cancer, this Jewish germ, This cancer, this Jewish germ, has continued to gnaw away at the body of our nation since the days of our Prophet Muhammad and to this very day.



Immediately after the news spread about the divine winds and the heavenly destructive fires that ruined and destroyed a lot of crops and cattle, and brought upon the Jews heavy losses to the tune of millions, there was a consensus among the Muslims, for the first time since the great rifts among them - a consensus about the Muslims' loathing of the Jews, and their rejoicing at the divine harm inflicted upon the Jews.




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