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Jan 03, 2016
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Egyptian Cleric Al-Naqib on Execution of Shiite Cleric Al-Nimr: KSA Must Eliminate Two Enemies - Shiites and Secularists

#5251 | 02:42
Source: The Internet

During his Internet Fatwa show, Egyptian cleric Ahmad Al-Naqib was asked for his reaction to the execution of Shiite cleric Nimr Al-Nimr by Saudi Arabia. Sheikh Al-Naqib said that Al-Nimr was no different than any other “Rafidite” – a derogatory term for a Shiite – and that the “Rafidites” are more dangerous to Islam than the Jews and Christians. Sheikh Al-Naqib concluded by saying that the KSA faces two enemies – the Shiites and the secularists – and that it must eliminate both.

Following are excerpts from the show, which was posted on the Internet on January 3, 2016.

Ahmad Al-Naqib: "What do you think of Saudi Arabia's execution of the despicable Rafidite [Shiite cleric Nimr Al-Nimr]?" It's a pity to call him Al-Nimr ["tiger"], but what can we do? That's the name his family gave him. "What do you think of the claim by Rafidites in Iran and the Pagan Hizbullah that this will lead to the fall of the Saud clan from power?" These people are among the most despicable enemies. The Rafidite pose a greater danger than the Jews or the Christians to Islam. The Rafidites are the most despicable nation on the face of the Earth that conspires against the Sunnis.


This man [Al-Nimr] is like any other Rafidite, who considers Sunnis to be heretics, whom it is permissible to kill and whose honor can be violated. They believe that by killing Sunnis, they become closer to Allah. That is why the Rafidites joined forces with the Crusaders against the Sunnis in Iraq and Afghanistan, and why they joined forces with the Druze and the Maronites against the Sunnis in Lebanon. The Rafidites joined forces with the Hindus against the Sunnis in Pakistan. Allah be praised. Now they have joined forces with the atheist Russians against the Sunnis in Syria. So they have joined forces with the Crusaders and the Jews in South Lebanon, as well as with the atheists and the Hindus –all in order to fight the Sunnis.

Saudi Arabia has two enemies, and if Saudi Arabia does not eliminate them, they will pose a danger of evil consequences. The Rafidites are the first enemy and the secularists are the second. The Rafidites and the secularist are two dangerous enemies in this land.