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Jan 10, 2010
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Egyptian Cleric Ahmad 'Eid Mihna: The Jews Are Behind Misery, Hardship, Usury, and Whorehouses

#2409 | 03:38
Source: Al-Shabab TV (Egypt)

The following are excerpts from an address delivered by Egyptian cleric Ahmad 'Eid Mihna, which aired on Al-Shabab TV (Egypt) on January 10, 2010

Ahmad 'Eid Mihna: The Jews are behind the misery, the hardship, the usury, the whorehouses, and any form of corruption that is spread in the land. In the battle of Al-Ahzab [627 CE], the [attackers] were seemingly Arab - the Quraysh and Ghatafan tribes.

However, the main planners of this raid were Jews. The main financers of this raid were Jews. The main ideologists behind this raid were Jews. One can see that hatred and jealousy of the Prophet Muhammad were manifest in the Jews from the day the Prophet was born, and did not begin with the Battle of Al-Ahzab.

Some people think that the enmity between Islam and Judaism began with the emigration of the Prophet Muhammad to Al-Madina. This is not true. The black history of the Jews proves that they are against any reform effort in the world. That's what the history of the Jews proves, and the Battle of Al-Ahzab fits the pattern.

The history of the Jews shows that they are against any reform movement in the world. Any reformer, Muslim or not, will be attacked by the Jews. The Jews are like that. They thrive only on civil strife, on the selling of arms, on usury, on whorehouses, and so on.

The Jews managed to recruit 10,000 fighters against Al-Madina. The entire population of Al-Madina did not number 10,000-including children, women, men, and the elderly. The entire population of Al-Madina did not reach 10,000 in the 5th year to the hijra.

Imagine what would have happened if they had reached the walls of Al-Madina. The Jews managed to convene a "parliament" of the tribes of Mecca. They managed to recruit a huge number [of fighters] for this raid in order to ensure the annihilation of Islam and the Muslims.


Muslim societies should know that the Jews' hatred of the Muslims was not born in modern times, and is not intended for the stealing of resources, territory, or anything. It is a battle of life and death between the reformers and the corrupters, between the Muslims and the Jews.


When the Prophet Muhammad reached Al-Madina, all the Jews felt their control of the city was quaking. Why? Because they used to exploit the naivete of the Arabs. They would entice them with money - usury and all that -and with the selling of arms. Thus, the two brothers - the Aws and the Khazraj tribes - fought between themselves, to the benefit of the Jews who sold them arms and practiced usury.

Allah be praised. Jews will be Jews-everywhere and always. Their innate characteristics include lying, deceiving, the practice of usury, and the selling of arms. Even when it comes to our brothers in Hamas - may Allah grant them victory - their number one source of weapons is the Jews. They buy weapons from Jewish traitors.