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Sep 07, 2010
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Egyptian Cleric Abdallah Samak: The Jews, who Slayed the Prophets, Are Known for Their "Merciless, Murderous, and Bloodthirsty Nature"

#2658 | 01:54
Source: Al-Rahma TV (Egypt)

Following are excerpts from a religious program hosted by Egyptian cleric Abdallah Samak, which aired on Al-Rahma TV on September 7, 2010:

Abdallah Samak: One of the characteristics of the Jews is that they are outstanding murderers. Who do they kill? If only they killed regular people, but they slayed the prophets. They unjustly slayed the prophets. The Jews are known for their merciless, murderous, and bloodthirsty nature. This is clearly documented in their holy books and writings, without beating about the bush.


The number one characteristic of the Jews – which appears in the Bible – is that they are always prepared for combat. They believe that it is their fate and destiny to be in a state of perpetual war. This is not what we want. We are seekers of peace and security. We seek to spread love. But we are dealing with a people, a society, that believes that its destiny is linked to war.

The number one characteristic of the Jews is that they are a people that believes that its destiny is linked to war. They cannot live without war. They can only live if they attack others. They can only live through annihilation, revenge, and mercilessness. Against who? Against their own prophets, their own messengers.

Different nations have different natures. Some nations are humble and merciful, while other nations have genes that make them act differently. The [Jews] were created to shed blood.


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