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Jun 25, 2012
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Egyptian Chef Reminisces on Salafi TV about Days of Saddam When Taunted by Shiite Prank Caller

#3501 | 02:52
Source: Online PlatformsAl-Nas TV (Egypt)

Following are excerpts from a cook show featuring Egyptian chef Muhammad Fawzi on Al-Nas TV, which were posted on Youtube on January 25 and 28, 2012.

Muhammad Fawzi: I knead the dough this way... I try to make it 1-3 centimeters thick.

Hello, Yousuf, you're on the air...

Yousuf: Peace be upon you...

Muhammad Fawzi: Welcome. Go ahead.

Yousuf: Is this dough made with the breast milk of Wahhabi women, or with the milk of 'Aisha?

Muhammad Fawzi: You are real scum, trust me. You keep calling in, using a Sunni name, a respectable name. We accept your call, believing that you are a respectable man. Even if you are Shiite and hold beliefs that differ from those of the Muslims, you must show respect to the Muslims, you scum.

I have nothing more to say. May God help you.

Goes back to kneading the dough

Even if he adheres to mistaken beliefs, he should... Suffice to say that his beliefs are wrong. He calls in, using names like Mustafa, Muhammad, or Ahmad. If you were a real man, you'd use a name like Kazem, or one of the [Shiite] names that you people use, and we would understand who we are dealing with.


Muhammad Fawzi: Hello, Amin.

Amin: Hello. Allah's blessings upon you.

Muhammad Fawzi: Go ahead.

Amin: Why do they say that the Tharid dish is superior to other dishes, just like 'Aisha is superior to other women?

Muhammad Fawzi: By Allah, you people are dogs. I will go on as usual. I put in a spoonful of onion... Note that this is a cooking show. If you want to start an argument, call a show of a sheik or something. Any sheik would put you in your place.

This is a cooking show, but I have one thing to say to you and to all the Shiites who keep calling this show. What we have stored in our hearts towards you is more than enough. Don't make it worse. Enough said. If there is a real Islamic regime, you people will not exist anymore, Allah willing. Be God-fearing, and behave yourselves.

I lived in Iraq for four and a half years, and these were the best days of my life. Allah's mercy upon Saddam Hussein. He wouldn't let you utter a single word.


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