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Nov 14, 2018
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Al-Azhar Cleric Saeed Numan: Male and Female Fetuses Can Be Married Off to Each Other by Their Guardians

#6890 | 01:28
Source: ON TV (Egypt)

Sheikh Saeed Numan, an Egyptian cleric at Al-Azhar University and a former member of the Al-Azhar Fatwa Committee, said that a marriage contract can be made between a female fetus and a male fetus by their respective guardians, and it would simply be suspended until the children grow up. TV Host Wael Elebrashy responded: "A girl can be married off even in her mother's womb?... You people are the cause of our catastrophe. Our disaster starts here." Sheikh Numan was undeterred and said that Omar Ibn Al-Khattab had been 30 years older than his wife's father. The show aired on ON TV (Egypt) on November 14, 2018.

Following are excerpts: 


Wael Elbarashy: You say that a girl can get married even at the age of 12 or 13?

Sheikh Saeed Numan: Less, Less…

Wael Elbarashy: Even less than that?

Sheikh Saeed Numan: Much less than that.

Wael Elbarashy: Even at the age of nine?

Sheikh Saeed Numan: The Quran says so, not me.

Wael Elbarashy: What kind of a thing is this?

Sheikh Saeed Numan: Sir, it is in the Quran.

Wael Elbarashy: This is your interpretation.

Sheikh Saeed Numan: No. This is explicitly stated in the Quran.




If an ultrasound shows a fetus to be female, and another fetus in the womb of another mother is shown to be male, and their guardians make a marriage contract, the contract is suspended until the grow up and it becomes possible…

Wael Elbarashy: A girl can be married off even in her mother's womb?

Sheikh Saeed Numan: Let me say something first…

Wael Elbarashy: Is such a thing even conceivable?

Sheikh Saeed Numan: Let me explain this. It's in the Quran. Let me present it and then anyone can respond.

Wael Elbarashy: You people are the cause of our catastrophe.

Sheikh Saeed Numan: Let me just begin…

Wael Elbarashy: Our disaster starts here.

Sheikh Saeed Numan: But this is the Quran.

Wael Elbarashy: Okay, go ahead.

Sheikh Saeed Numan: In the name of Allah…

Wael Elbarashy: That is your interpretation.

Sheikh Saeed Numan: By Allah, it isn't. It is in the Quran.




Does a marriage contract depend on age? Omar Ibn Al-Khattab married the daughter of Ali Ibn Abi Talib, even though he was 30 years older than her father. Omar was 30 years older than Ali.

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