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Jul 07, 2004
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Egyptian and Iraqi Intellectuals Discuss Anti-American Terror on Al-Hurra TV

#146 | 03:35
Source: Al-Hurra TV (The U.S.)

The American channel in Arabic directed at the Middle East, Al-Hurra, hosted a debate about terror attacks in Iraq, in which participated Mamdouh Isma'il, Secretary General of the Egyptian Lawyer's Union and Sadeq Al-Mousawi of the Iraqi National Congress. Following are excerpts:

Mamdouh Isma'il: What is happening in Iraq is resistance against a foreign infidel occupier who occupied Arab ? Muslim land by force. This is clear. As for operations that different people understand in different ways, they happen because there are traitors who everyone is afraid to reveal their names. There are traitors, and there are agents who clearly collaborate with the ocupation. Now the question is, what do the Iraqis want? The Iraqis who are now complaining about the Arab fighters who came to Iraq are the same Iraqis who brought the Americans. They are those who brought the Americans in order to get rid of the tyrannical regime and now they find it peculiar that their Muslim Iraqi brothers seek the help of Muslim brothers from Saudi Arabia, Egypt, or any other country in order to free them of the occupation. How come you condemn this while you brought (the US) which is much worse? You have brought Satan so he would save you from the tyranny of Saddam and now you dare to disapprove of your Iraqi brothers in the resistance seeking the help of their Muslim brothers who sacrificed their lives and money back home and came to free you from the occupier who raped your women?

Sadeq Mussawi: I, the Iraqi who lives on his land, am the only one to determine who is a traitor and who is a patriot. I could declare today that Husni Mubarak is a traitor and could send a group of Iraqis to kill Husni Mubarak and the Egyptian people. Would you accept such a thing? The Islamists entered Egypt from all countries of the world;you have attacked all the Egyptian tourist attractions, but when the regime reconciled with you, you laid down your weapons and bowed your heads. When you saw that in Iraq there is no strong government that could prevent you from entering it, you invaded it like locusts, to kill the Iraqis.

Go kill the occupier. The American military camps in Qatar are crowded. Why don't you attack even one camp? In Saudi Arabia there are camps too. You go and kidnap a hostage and behead him before the entire world in order to glorify Islam? Does Islam command beheadings? Why can't you shoot him like the rest of the world does? What is purpose of this ugly spectacle you show the entire world? You damage Islam's good name. I see you as traitors against Islam. You present the world with a minor and negligible Islamic approach.

Mamdouh Isma'il: We do not fight the Americans; we don't do anything to them. We have no car bombs or anything. You are a proud man. Why don't you and your assistants at the National Congress do this yourselves? Why don't you go to your allies, the Americans, and kill them? Why don't you booby-trap cars and kill Americans?

We are "cowards" and so on? You can say whatever you want. But you have weapons, money, and you have aid and support on the Iraqi soil and other places. You have it all. Why don't you fight occupier? I ask for one explanation. Why don't you fight the occupier? Is it due to political reasons? The US announced that it would stay. The American bases in Iraq will never be dismantled, no matter what you say or do. The US has taken control of your lands and has violated your honor. You can say whatever you like about politics, but the US has dressed you in women's clothing and violated your honor, and when your brothers come to liberate you from this filth and shame, you dare to complain about them.

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