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Oct 06, 2020
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Egyptian-American Political Analyst Magdi Khalil Praises Macron, Trump: Radical Islam Contradicts Western Values; Its Practices Are A Form of Terrorism; Berlin-Based Journalist Ahmad Al-Hawas: Jews Use Children's Blood In Matzos; Jazeera TV Host Faisal Al-Qasem: Islamist Terrorism Created By The West

#8352 | 04:46
Source: Al-Jazeera Network (Qatar)

On October 6, 2020, Al-Jazeera Network (Qatar) aired a debate about French President Emmanuel Macron's recent address, stating that he will crack down on radical Islam in France. Egyptian-American political analyst Magdi Khalil praised Macron for abandoning political correctness, and he praised U.S. President Donald Trump for having "landed a blow" against Islamic extremism. He further said that radical Islam contradicts Western values, and that killing apostates, wife beating, shari'a courts, "honor" crimes, polygamy, female circumcision, marrying off underage girls, forcing women to wear veils, and refusing to salute the flag are all illegal activities and forms of terrorism. Khalil also challenged the opinion that ISIS, Al-Qaeda, and other radical Islamic groups are Western creations, pointing out that all these groups hate the West more than they hate anything else. In addition, Berlin-based journalist Ahmad Al-Hawas, the Editor-in-Chief of resalapost.com, accused Khalil of being a "Crusader," and claimed that the Jewish Talmud says that Jews rejoice when they slaughter babies and eat matzos soaked in their blood. For more about Magdi Khalil, see MEMRI TV clips no. 8211, 7943,7128,7075, 7069, 4744, 4441, 3649, 2958, 2748, 2526, 2360, 2084, 1609, and 1039.

Magdi Khalil: "We thank President Macron for abandoning political correctness and speaking with honesty this time. Even before Macron, we thank the courageous President Trump who talked about 'Islamic terrorism' from the heart of the Saudi capital of Riyadh, and forced Saudi Arabia to do a 180-degree turn. He landed a blow to Islamic terrorism in both its wings-the Sunni and the Shiite- and clipped its capabilities to a very significant degree."

Ahmad Al-Hawas: "I also thank Trump and Macron for exposing the neo-Crusaders. Your guest [Magdi Khalil] is a Crusader, not a Christian Copt. We revere the Christians but we forbid collaboration with the Crusaders."

Khalil: "They challenge the values of the West, they challenge the constitutional rights. They challenge the notions of assimilation and loyalty to the country. They want to take control over Europe. Qadafi said: 'We will take control of Europe.' Al-Qaradhawi said this. Erdogan the extremist also says this. See how they behave in the West. They accuse people in the West of heresy. This takfir is not a religious doctrine, it is a crime against humanity and an attack on the right to life.

"Killing apostates is not an Islamic right, but a crime against humanity. Wife beating is not the husband's right, but a crime against humanity, according to the law and the constitution. The Islamic courts in Europe are illegal. The shari'a police is illegal. Incitement to wife beating is illegal. 'Honor' crimes are illegal. Blocking the streets for prayer is illegal. Polygamy is illegal. Female circumcision is illegal. Refusing to pick up passengers who carry alcohol – like in Minnesota – is illegal. Shutting down public transportation during prayer is illegal. Marrying off underage girls is illegal. Pulling children out of the education system is illegal. Terrorizing women in the streets is illegal. Teaching hatred is illegal. Preventing women from practicing sports and from swimming is illegal. Forcing women to wear the niqab in the streets is illegal. Preventing Muslims in Europe from enjoying art and music is illegal. Refusing to salute the flag is illegal.

"The schools should raise citizens, not believers. When a teacher is wearing the niqab at school, it is illegal, not a personal liberty. It is terrorizing the children. The 'burkini' reflects the international values of Islam, not the values of the West. Obsession over women is a Bedouin value, not a value of civilization. It is an Islamic salafi obsession. Considering religion to be more important than the state is a value of a religious state, not of a secular state. What they are doing is terrorism. Islamic terrorism is recognized everywhere in the world. The whole world acknowledges that there is a problem in Islam."

Al-Hawas:  "Check the Talmud and see what is says: 'We have two joyous occasions – when we preform the circumcision, and when we slaughter the children and eat matzos soaked with their blood.'"


Faisal Al-Qasem: "Do you really think that Muslims are the masters of their religion? Do they really control their faith? Or perhaps, Magdi, the Muslims have been nothing but victims for an entire century. Noting but pawns, nothing but lab mice..."

Khalil: "That's not true."

Al-Qasem: "Who controls the Islamic religion in the Arab world... Hold on a minute... Who created the terrorist groups? Who created the Jihadis in Afghanistan in order to use them against the Soviets? Who created Al-Qaeda? Hillary Clinton said it in one word: 'We created it.' Magdi Khalil, how come we have not seen anything like ISIS throughout Islamic history? How come ISIS only appeared recently? Because it was created by intelligence agencies, some say. It is a Western product, first and foremost."


Khalil: "All these [groups] were pure Islamic creations. The [Westerners] have sometimes used these stupid Islamists in their wars, but they did not create them. ISIS is a Sunni-Islamic creation par excellence. Khomeinism is a Shi'ite-Iranian creation par excellence. Wahhabism is a Saudi creation par excellence. The Muslims Brotherhood is a global Egyptian creation. Al-Gama'a Al-Islamiyya, Abul A'la Maududi, Sayyid Qutb, and all those terrorists...The West is what these terrorists hate most, and you are trying to tell me that the West created them?"

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