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Dec 22, 2017
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Egyptian Actress Shereen Reda: We Are Causing Our Children Psychological Harm by Ritually Slaughtering Sheep in the Streets; Loud Call to Prayer Harms Tourism, Scares Kids (Archival)

#7410 | 01:40
Source: ON TV (Egypt)

Egyptian actress Shereen Reda said in a December 22, 2017 interview on ON TV (Egypt) that the call the prayer in Egypt should be "unified" because the bellowing of the muezzin at the early hours of the morning scares children and negatively affects tourism. She also expressed criticism of the custom of slaughtering a sheep on Eid Al-Adha and the fact that children can see the blood, saying: "What kind of customs are these? And then we wonder why our children turn out to be violent." She added that letting the children play with a sheep and then slaughtering it a few days later causes psychological harm to the children.


Shereen Reda: "I believe that the decision to unify the call to prayer should be quickly implemented because the voice of some muezzins can drive people mad!" So what? Everybody is saying that. All the people who commented… There are children who wake up terrified. Is this the right way to call to prayer? To scare you into praying? And the man who bellows into the microphone – do you mean to do so, or do you not hear your own voice? I have another question: What about the decision to unify the call to prayer? Don't we want tourism? Why do tourists have to hear these bellows in the streets?

Interviewer: What do you have to say about the slaughtering of sheep in Eid Al-Adha? It is not done in slaughterhouses and there is blood in the streets, in front of children. What do you think about this?

Shereen Reda: I am against all this, of course. What is this? What kind of customs are these? And then we wonder why our children turn out to be violent. Children should not be exposed to slaughter and blood. You bring a child a sheep, have him spend a few days with it, and he is so happy that he has a little sheep that he can feed and play with, and then you slaughter it? Think of what you are doing to this child psychologically.

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