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Dec 07, 2017
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Hisham Abdallah, Egyptian TV Host on Muslim Brotherhood Channel, calls on Muslims to Rage, Set Jerusalem “on Fire” following Trump’s Declaration

#6304 | 02:43
Source: Echorouk TV (Algeria)

Egyptian actor and TV host Hisham Abdallah gave an angry address on December 6, following U.S. President Trump's declaration recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. Speaking on the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood's Turkey-based Elsharq TV channel, Abdallah called for Muslims worldwide to rise and launch a "week of rage." The proud Palestinian people and the resistance will set Jerusalem "on fire," he said.

Hisham Abdallah: "Mustering his insolence and vanity, Trump, the enemy of the Arabs and Muslims, declared that Jerusalem is the capital of Israel. By Allah, never! He declared it with the utmost scorn to 1.7 billion Muslims. But now, I shall direct a message to (the Muslims) all over the world: The time has come for us to show them our rage. The time has come for you to rise, in all corners of the Earth, and rebel and rage for the sake of our Jerusalem. I do not fear Jerusalem, because I know that the resistance will set it on fire. I do not fear for Jerusalem because the Palestinian people is a proud people, who will set it on fire. Hamas has already declared that the Oslo Accords are over. They have declared that [they are launching] the resistance. But I fear for the Two Holy Mosques [in Mecca and Medina], because they are held by a Zionist collaborator called Mohammad bin Salman. Is it high time that we got rid of the Arab rulers who are Zionist collaborators. As Muslims, we should all rage. Show them your rage! Show them your revolution!


"Taking to the streets is a personal duty incumbent upon every Muslim and Christian. Jerusalem has been hijacked!


"Palestine is Arab, and occupied Jerusalem is its capital! All the lands are Arab!


"Rise, oh Muslims in all corners of the Earth! [Launch] a week of rage! Show them your rage! Show them your revolution! Show them your might! Don’t listen to the (Arab) rulers, for they are Zionist collaborators. By Allah, a pig pen is purer than the purest among them. Rise, oh Muslim nations and show them [your rage]! Defend your Islam! Defend your holy places! Rage! Show them your rage! Our hope lies with Allah and with us, oh Muslims."

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