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Mar 08, 2014
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Egyptian Actor Mohamed Sobhi Recommends Reading "The Protocols" and Says: Benjamin Franklin Warned against the Jews

#4213 | 01:42
Source: Dream TV (Egypt)

In a recent TV interview, Egyptian actor Mohamed Sobhi recommended reading “The Protocols of the Elders of Zion” and told his viewers that Benjamin Franklin had warned the American people about the “terrorist groups of Jews” back in 1787. The interview aired on the Egyptian Dream2 TV on March 8, 2014.

Following are excerpts:

Mohamed Sobhi: Qatar is a proxy of the real criminal.

Interviewer: Who’s the real criminal?

Mohamed Sobhi: America. No doubt about it. It’s “Mama America.” If we have a couple of minutes, let me take you back to 1787. That year, American President [sic] Benjamin Franklin delivered a speech, which became very well known. I myself used it in “Horseman without a Horse.” [The Americans] saw that a catastrophe was imminent, due to the Satanic ideas of that terrorist group.

That was when Franklin delivered his speech to the American people. He said: “I warn you that if these terrorist groups of Jews flock to America, they will control American decision-making within a hundred years. They will control America itself, and will trample us underfoot.”

I recommend that you read it. It’s on the Internet.

He warned America of this as early as 1787. You’ll see when you read the Protocols of the Elders of Zion. The people who bought 200 copies of the book, when we aired the “Horseman without a Horse” TV series on this very channel... Back then, university students brought copies of the book with them. Read those 24 protocols.


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