August 15, 2018
Clip No.

Egyptian Actor Ahmed Bedeir: If I Were a Terrorist, I Would Attack Turkey; Obama Is "Satan of This World"

In a recent TV interview, Egyptian actor Ahmed Bedeir said that if he were the Emir of a terrorist group, he would attack Turkey. It is "the source of all terrorism, so I would feel comfortable there," he said. Bedeir also said that when Hamas took control of Gaza, it began to attack Egypt and forgot all about Israel. He called Obama the "Satan of this world," and said, with regard to foreign intervention in Egypt’s affairs: "They can go to hell twice." The interview with Bedeir aired on Egypt’s Al-Hayat TV on August 15.

The following are excerpts:


Host: If you were the emir of a terrorist group, which country would you plan to attack?

Egyptian Actor Ahmed Bedeir: Turkey.

Host: Why Turkey?

Ahmed Bedeir: Because Turkey is the source of all terrorism, so [if I were a terrorist], I would feel comfortable there. They wouldn't be afraid of me, because they have lots of terrorists, so I could at least bring justice to the people they are destroying.

Host: Give them a taste of their own medicine?

Ahmed Bedeir: Exactly.

Host: Why not Israel? Israel would have been the logical answer.

Ahmed Bedeir: Well, Israel goes without saying. The blood vengeance between us will never be forgotten. Our children have been martyred for the sake of the Palestinian cause since 1948, and we are still making sacrifices. Unfortunately, however, when Hamas took over Gaza, it began to attack Egypt and forgot all about Israel.


[Obama] is the Satan of this world. There is the Satan of the Hereafter, and [Obama] is the Satan of this world.


Host: You said about the parliamentary elections and the international observers: To hell with those foreigners, let's keep it Egyptian. Was this insult directed against the foreign intervention?

Ahmed Bedeir: They can go to hell twice, not just once. We take the foreigners into consideration, and the terrorism only intensifies. When France declared a state of emergency and deployed its army on the streets, not a single one of those creatures dared to say a word, but when it happens here, they talk as much as they want. This is incomprehensible.

Host: This holds true for most Arab countries.

Ahmed Bedeir: Unfortunately, they consider us to be their riding beasts, and feel that they can do whatever they want.