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Sep 30, 2018
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Egyptian Women's Rights Activist Nawal El Saadawi: I Saw Hillary Clinton Handing Out U.S. Dollars In Tahrir Square So That People Would Vote for the Muslim Brotherhood

#6776 | 01:59
Source: Online Platforms

Egyptian women's rights activist and author Nawal El Saadawi spoke at the Gothenburg Book Fair in Sweden, which took place on September 27-30, 2018. She said that "colonial, capitalist, imperialist, racist" global powers, led by the United States, collaborated with the Egyptian government to end the 2011 Egyptian revolution. She added that she remembered seeing then-U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in Tahrir Square handing out dollar bills to the youth in order to encourage them to vote for the Muslim Brotherhood in the upcoming elections. El Saadawi's remarks were uploaded to multiple online sources on September 30, 2018. Her preposterous statement stirred much criticism in Arab media.


Dr. Nawal El Saadawi: Global colonial, capitalist, imperialist, racist… Global powers, headed by the United States, collaborated with the Egyptian government to abort the revolution, because if the revolution in Egypt succeeded – if the power of people succeeded in Egypt – it may succeed in many, many countries, and this is dangerous for the people who exploit the whole world. For U.S. politics, for Egyptian politics, Swedish politics… The whole world will be threatened by the success of the people’s revolution. So they combined together to abort the revolution. I remember I saw Hillary Clinton herself in Tahrir Square, giving dollars, U.S. dollars, to young people, to elect the Muslim Brotherhood.  Why? Why is the U.S. interested with the local government? Why were they interested in electing the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt? Because the people didn’t want the Muslim Brotherhood. The people hated the Muslim Brotherhood, but those global and local powers collaborated to bring the Muslim Brotherhood to power, through what they called free elections, which were not free.

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