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Jul 04, 2017
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Egyptian TV Channel: Qatar Should Pay Egypt $100 Billion in Compensation; the Emir Should Come Crawling on His Knees, Begging for Forgiveness

#6108 | 01:09
Source: Tahrir/Ten TV (Egypt)

Egyptian TV host Nashaat Eldeehy said that Tahrir/Ten TV had launched a campaign, demanding that Qatar pay Egypt $100 billion for damage caused by the Gulf state's support of terrorism. The Qatari Emir "should come crawling on his knees, carrying his shrouds in his hands, and ask the Egyptian people for their absolution and forgiveness," he said in his address, which aired on Ten TV on July 4.


Nashaat Eldeehy: Yesterday, we launched a campaign on our TV channel, demanding that Qatar pay $100 billion in compensation for the damage caused to the Egyptian state over the past six years, as a result of Qatar's funding for terrorism.




At this TV channel, we stand 100% behind this initiative, and our colleagues in the media and all the TV channels should embrace this initiative. C'mon, let's take action. You're not happy with 100 billion? We will demand 200 billion. The Egyptians will only be satisfied when they see the shrouds of the Emir of Qatar. He should come crawling on his knees, carrying his shrouds in his hands, and beg the Egyptian people for their absolution and forgiveness.



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