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Nov 06, 2021
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Egyptian TV Host Amr Adib Defends Gulf Ban On Marvel's 'Eternals': Homosexuality Goes against Nature; I Cannot Tolerate Such Scenes

#9193 | 02:56
Source: MBC Misr TV (Saudi Arabia/Egypt)

Egyptian TV host Amr Adib spoke out against "Eternals," the recent installment of Marvel films, for including homosexual content, during his show that aired on MBC Misr TV (Egypt/Saudi Arabia) on November 6, 2021. Responding to a statement by the film's star, actress Angelina Jolie, who said the gay relationship depicted in the film was beautiful and full of love, Adib said he sees no beauty in such relationships, nor can he tolerate such scenes. He said that homosexuality goes against nature and that "we are facing an onslaught" of such depictions by Disney (which owns Marvel). Adib also said that Netflix includes homosexual content in every series or film. For more information about Amr Adib, see MEMRI TV clips Nos. 8403, 6086, 5754, 3897, 2799, and 2786.

Amr Adib: "In the last two or three years, we have found ourselves under pressure to accept homosexuality. What pressure? TV series, foreign films, cartoons, games, in which they incorporate [homosexuality].


"Today, in every single sitcom, action film, and so on, people of the same sex are in a relationship.


"This is the most bizarre thing in the world. There is a film by Disney – Disney of Mickey Mouse...


"Disney has always symbolized purity, naivety, and innocence. In the film, there is a relationship between two homosexuals.


"[Some Gulf countries] said: We are very sorry, but we cannot accept this. It's not that this film is going to change the history of cinema here. Disney went mad, and Miss Angelina Jolie said: 'How can there be human beings who do not see the beauty in homosexual relations.'"


"Personally, I see [homosexuality] as something that goes against nature. This is what I believe, but others believe that people are free or whatever... All I want to say is that may Allah help every household in our Eastern-Arab world, whether Muslim or Christian. We are facing an onslaught, even by Disney! Netflix, for example, is a great network, but in every series and film there, they include [homosexuality].


"I cannot see the beauty in this. I cannot tolerate such scenes. I repeat – this is in a film by Disney!"

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