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Nov 26, 2017
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Egypt TV Debate: Jews, Mossad behind Sinai Mosque Terror Attack; Muslims and Christians Are Killed, While Jews Remain Intact

#6295 | 02:15
Source: Dream TV (Egypt)

During an Egyptian TV debate on November 26, the guests said that the terror attack that had taken place two days earlier at a mosque in northern Sinai, in which over 300 people had been killed, was the work of the Israeli Mossad. Sinai tribal chieftain Sheikh Aref Abu Akr said that "it is the Jews who are behind this" and accused the Mossad of a conspiracy to drive the local population out of Sinai. Dream TV host Wael Elebrashy agreed with his guests that there was an "alliance between the terrorists and the Mossad." Dr. Abdelmun'im Rifai, an expert on Sinai, explained that Israel strives to empty Sinai of its inhabitants so that it can turn it into a Palestinian state. Dr. Sallah Salam, of the Egyptian Organization for Human Rights and head of the North Sinai Doctors Union, said that "the people of Sunday died and the people of Friday died, while the people of Sabbath remain [intact]."

Sheikh Aref Abu Akr: "The Israeli Mossad was behind this. Why are we so afraid that we bury our heads in the sand? It is the Jews who are behind this. They want to empty out Sinai and drive out the population, so that they will be able to move in easily. Over our dead bodies! We won't let them into Sinai!"

Host Wael Elebrashy: "If the Israeli Mossad did this, was it in alliance with the terror groups?"

Sheikh Aref Abu Akr: "It is the Mossad that created these groups. Like in Iraq and Syria, where America pampered these terrorists, and now it's moved them to Libya. Now we have to fight them on the other side as well."


Dr. Abdelmun'im Rifai: "Five years ago, I read a Ph.D. dissertation from Tel Aviv University... These people do not play games."

Host Wael Elebrashy: "You are talking about the alliance between the terrorists and the Mossad..."

Dr. Abdelmun'im Rifai: "The fact that the Mossad is meddling in Sinai is beyond discussion. The Ph.D. dissertation recommended – and this was accepted by the Israeli Mossad... The dissertation said that all development in Sinai must be stopped, for the sake of the Zionist plan of an alternative [Palestinian] state. He said that there are two ways to achieve this. One is the diplomatic track, which is useless, and the other way is to cause instability there, until the Egyptian state ultimately gives in, and agrees to turn Egypt into an alternative state for the Palestinians.


"The Israeli development minister [sic]... She said a few days ago: 'It is illogical to declare a Palestinian state on our land.' As if it's her land... She's a plunderer and an occupier, yet she calls it her land. 'It is logical to think about establishing a Palestinian state in Sinai,' she said. That's it. They are working on it."

Host Wael Elebrashy: "The goals of the terrorist groups and of Zionism have undoubtedly merged."

Dr. Abdelmun'im Rifai: "Exactly."


Dr. Sallah Salam: "This massacre reminds of Deir Yassin. It reminds me of the massacre of Deir Yassin, but this time in Sinai. The people of Sunday [Christians] died, and the people of Friday [Muslims] died, while the people of the Sabbath remain [intact]..."

Host Wael Elebrashy: "The Jews."

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