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Nov 21, 2023
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Egyptian MPs Condemn Israel As A 'Nazi Country,' Tear Up Copy Of Peace Treaty, Call For Egypt To Freeze Relations With Israel, Recall Egyptian Ambassador, Deport Israeli 'Dog' From Cairo

#10674 | 02:16
Source: Channel 1 (Egypt)

During a November 21, 2023 discussion in the Egyptian parliament about the war in Gaza, which aired on Channel 1 (Egypt), MP Mustafa Bakri said that the Egyptian people are boiling with rage and are prepared to become martyrs and die for Palestine and Egypt. He said that Egypt should freeze its relations with Israel, call back its ambassador and deport the Israeli ambassador, whom he referred to as a "dog" from Egypt. MP Dia El-Din Dawood tore up a copy of the peace agreement with Israel. He said that it "ties Egypt's hands," and he said that Egypt should make this "Nazi country face facts on the ground."

Mustafa Bakri: "The Egyptians are boiling with rage! We are boiling with rage! We cannot tolerate what is happening. We no longer care whether we live or die. We are all are prepared to become martyrs for the sake of Palestine and Egypt. But when it comes to crisis management – freeze relations [with Israel]! Recall our ambassador [from Israel] and deport the [Israeli] dog from Egypt! Take practical steps. We are behind you, Mr. Prime Minister! We are behind you. This is the matter of life and death for us. We are all are prepared to die for Egypt.


"The slogan 'what was taken by force will be restored by force alone' is correct. The [Israelis] are criminals. They are murderers."


Dia El-Din Dawood: "We have a [peace] agreement [with Israel]. I disagree with it. This agreement ties Egypt's hands.


"If this agreement is so meaningless, we should tear it apart, for the sake of Egyptian and Arab national security.


"We should not make do with fulfilling our humanitarian and patriotic duty. We should make this Nazi country face facts on the ground. [Israel] is the successor of the colonialism of the past, and the ally of present-day colonialism. It is the ally of all the colonialist regimes, in an attempt to destroy the region, with Egypt being the top prize. They are lying. They know what they are doing.

"What is happening in Libya is connected to what happened in Darfur, and what is happening with the [Ethiopian] Renaissance Dam. It is all operated by the same people. I am sorry for telling you this for the tenth time, against a backdrop of regional collusion, I am sad to say. Many fall into humiliating normalization [with Israel]. We have signed an agreement [with Israel] more than fifty years ago, bur here it is, torn up by the Egyptian people who have never cooperated with it."

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