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Dec 25, 2023
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Former Egyptian Foreign Minister Nabil Fahmy: Recent Mass Evacuation Of Israelis From South And North Borders Shows That It Is Feasible To Remove West Bank Settlers To Allow For A Two-State Solution

#10760 | 01:42
Source: BBC Arabic (The UK)

Former Egyptian Foreign Minister Ambassador Nabil Fahmy spoke about a two-state solution to the Israel-Palestine conflict on a December 25, 2023, show on BBC Arabic TV (United Kingdom). He said that he believes that this is the only realistic solution for a comprehensive peace that reconciles the priorities of both sides. Fahmy said that although such a solution has become difficult due to recent events and Israel's settlement expansion, it is attainable. He stated that the internal displacement of Israelis from towns on its northern and southern borders demonstrates that Israel could potentially displace Israelis currently living in the settlements "in exchange for a comprehensive solution and a complete peace." Fahmy said that this would be "difficult, yet possible."

Nabil Fahmy: "The two-state solution is undoubtedly more difficult now, as a result of expansion of the Israeli settlements, on the one hand, and the recent events, on the other hand. However, this is the only reality that I see as a possible solution, that reconciles the priorities, goals, and ambitions, of both sides, if there is a real desire for peace.

"I would like to add one more thing, quickly. With regard to the claim that the two-state solution is not feasible, due to the growth of the Israeli settlements—I completely disagree with this. The Israeli settlements are Israel's responsibility. If the Israelis really want to achieve peace, they must deal with the reality that they have created. Let's not forget that during the recent events, we saw displacement of Israelis, within Israel, both from the border with Lebanon, and the border with the Palestinians [in Gaza]. Therefore, I believe that the displacement [of Israelis], in exchange for a comprehensive solution and a complete peace, is difficult, yet possible. The alternative is a one-state reality, which cannot provide peace to any of the sides."

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