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May 11, 2017
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Egyptian Clerics Debate Marital Rape: Must a Wife Comply with Her Husband?

#6081 | 02:35
Source: Assema TV (Egypt)

During a May 11 debate on Egypt’s Assema TV channel on marital rape, Sheikh Mohamed Al-Mallah said that conjugal relations were a religious commandment, and that "when he demands it, she must comply," except when she is ill or menstruating. Sheikh Sayyid Zayed said that it is "the murder of the wife's humanity... the killing of her emotions and the annihilation of her honor," and lawyer Samir Sabri said that Salafi ideology only recognizes the lower half of a woman's body.


Interviewer: "The term 'marital rape'... Can there be such a thing as a husband 'raping' his wife? What does it mean?"


Sayyid Zayed: "In the name of Allah, Allah's blessing upon His Prophet. This is not merely rape. It is the murder of the wife's humanity as well. It is the killing of her emotions and the annihilation of her honor."




Interviewer: "So you consider this to be rape?"


Sayyid Zayed: "The word 'rape' is the mildest term one can use here."




Mohamed Al-Mallah: "The Prophet Muhammad said: If a man summons his wife to bed and she refuses, the angels curse her. They curse that woman, okay? If you consider the social norms or even the religious perspective – one of the reasons for marriage is so that the husband can remain chaste. If the wife denies her husband [sex], it opens the way for the husband to seek abomination and adultery. Besides, you cannot call this religious concept 'rape,' when Allah allowed this contact between husband and wife. How can this be rape?! Did he kidnap her and is now having sex with her? No! She is his wife, and when he summons her, she must comply. If, however, she is ill or is menstruating or something like this, the husband must not force her to do it. But if she does not have a religious excuse that allows her to avoid this, she is categorically not allowed to deny her husband sex. If she does so, she is rebelling against Allah. It is inconceivable for her to deny her husband sex."




Dr. Samir Sabri: "What Sheikh Mohamed is saying reflects Salafi ideology, which only recognizes the lower half of a woman's body."

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