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Jun 12, 2023
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Egyptian-American Political Analyst Magdi Khalil On Egyptian Policeman Mohamed Salah Who Killed Three Israeli Soldiers: This Was A Religious Hate Crime, He Thought He'd Become A Martyr And Sleep With The Virgins Of Paradise; Camp David Accords Brought Peace And Prosperity To Egypt; Religion Destroyed It

#10348 | 03:03
Source: Online Platforms - "Magdi Khalil on YouTube"

Egyptian-American political analyst Magdi Khalil posted a video to his YouTube account on June 12, 2023, in which he addressed Egyptian policeman Mohamed Salah killing three Israeli soldiers. He said that this was a religiously motivated hate crime and that Salah had been brainwashed into believing he'd become a martyr and sleep with the virgins of Paradise. Khalil said that the Camp David Accords with Israel have brought Egypt peace and prosperity and that those who oppose the accords wish to wage war and cause destruction for Egypt. He stated that religious hatred is the number one cause of the "hysterical hatred" of Israel and that the Islamic tradition is rife with quotes against Jews and Christians. Khalil concluded that Egypt's number-one enemy is not Israel, but rather it is religion, adding: "Religion has destroyed Egypt."

Magdi Khalil: "Why did [Egyptian Mohamed Salah] do what he did? It is a religious hate crime, because it is clear that someone brainwashed this young man, and told him that he was going to meet the virgins of Paradise. Had he not thought that by dying as a martyr, he would sleep with the virgins of Paradise, he would not have carried out this attack.


"On what do you base your reservations? You have regained all your land through peace. That's the first thing. Secondly, the cost of war and the lives lost in it are known. War destroys the economy as well as people's lives. That much we know. Thirdly, you have received unprecedented international aid because of peace with Israel. In present value, Egypt has received from the U.S. alone over $250 billion.


"The peace agreement brought hope to Egypt. It has provided Egypt with everything. Why would you want...? They say: The agreement has prevented us from waging war. Go ahead and wage war, if you can... Annul the peace accord and wage war. If you are capable of waging war and restoring the age of destruction, go ahead and do it. If the peace accord prevents you from waging war, annul it and start a war. The second reservation the Egyptians have about the peace accord is that the (Egyptian) military presence in Sinai is not full. Why would you want full armament in the Sinai? Avoiding military presence in Zone B and Zone C in Sinai prevents war.

"Israel wants to make sure that there will not be a war. It wants to make sure that the Egyptian army does not attack from Sinai. This is why these zones are demilitarized and when the terrorists appeared in Sinai after 2013, Egypt asked to send reinforcements, Israel agreed to that.


"What is behind this hysterical hatred of Israel? Religious hatred is the number-one cause. Their religion- their religious tradition- orders them to hate the Jews. If we wanted to decide all the anti-Jewish and anti-Christian quotes in the (Islamic) religious tradition, it would take hours. Any fair person would admit that there is an order to hate the Jews there.


"Tell me who is Egypt's number-one enemy. It is not Israel. Egypt's number-one enemy is religion. Religion has destroyed Egypt" 

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