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Oct 20, 2006
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Dr. Hossein Mozaffar, Member of the Iranian Association for the Defense of the Palestinians: Jews Turned the Figure of 600,000 Typhus Victims of World War II into Six Million

#1333 | 03:37
Source: Koran TV (Iran)

Following are excerpts from an interview with Dr. Hossein Mozaffar, member of the Iranian Association for the Defense of the Palestinians, which aired on the Iranian TV Koran Channel on October 20, 2006.

Dr. Hossein Mozaffar: In 1987 [sic], Herzl, the founder of international Zionism, organized a conference in Basel, Switzerland. Speeches were delivered there. They collected the main themes of these speeches, and called each chapter a "protocol." These protocols were collated into a booklet, which was secret in the beginning. Later, as a result of natural disasters and floods, it was exposed and became available to the public.

Following World War II, [the Zionists] tried to penetrate the Middle East and the Islamic countries. Back then, Hitler and Herzl collaborated in this matter. Then England and America joined forces to support this cause. England agreed to support the emigration of the Jews, on condition that Palestine be placed under British mandate.


Due to their Protocols and their principal ideas, the Zionists are influential in all the centers of power in England, America, as well as the global powers. It is also true with regard to the media. They control 80 percent of the international media. It is all part of their plan. If I had the book here with me, I would read to you from their Protocols, and show you that controlling the media, the economic centers, and the financial resources is among their main objectives.

Interviewer: Every economic company you hear of...

Dr. Hossein Mozaffar: has Jewish roots.


The typhus disease infected the entire population during the war, and [the Germans] had no choice but to burn their clothes and their bodies. There were Muslims, Christians, and Jews - 600,000 altogether. Then, the [Jews] turned the 600,000 into six million. Then they set up exhibitions and built crematoria. All this was their own handiwork, in order to prove that they were oppressed, and to claim that they have a right to the land, because they were refugees.


Interviewer: One of my friends... I call him a "friend" because we served together in the army. He was a Jew, but had Zionist thoughts. He used to say very interesting, and even demagogic, things. He would say: "Look, this is why we say we are the Chosen People – although we are very few, look how much money we have. Look how much wealth we have, while you Muslims are so poor."

Participant: But the Muslims are much more numerous...

Interviewer: "You have oil and everything, but you are still poor."

Dr. Hossein Mozaffar: True, because they believe in their superiority, they consider the killing of non-Jews to be permitted. In their schools, they teach how to commit genocide of Muslims. They consider themselves to be the Chosen People. The words they use are very degrading. Excuse me for saying so, but they even believe that non-Jews are inferior to dogs, because dogs should be fed, but it is forbidden to feed non-Jews.

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