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Feb 14, 2024
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Rafah Hospital Director Dr. Suhaib Al-Hamss On Qatar TV: The Arabs Have Failed Us, The Aid Coming In Is Laughable; You Watch Us Being Slaughtered And Hold Soccer Matches And Festivals

#10898 | 01:25
Source: Qatar TV

Dr. Suhaib Al-Hamss, the director of the Kuwaiti Hospital in Rafah, criticized the Arab world during a February 14, 2024 phone interview that aired on Qatar TV. He said that he is not afraid to speak the truth, the Arab world has failed the people of Gaza, they watch them being slaughtered and hold soccer matches and festivals. Al-Hamss said that the aid that is coming into Gaza is "laughable." He said: "You have forsaken us."

Dr. Suhaib Al-Hamss: "We expected the whole world to rise in support of Gaza, its buildings, mosques, universities, and hospitals. But the world...I swear, you have slaughtered us, while organizing soccer matches..."

Interviewer: "Okay."

Al-Hamss: "You watch us being slaughtered, and you hold festivals..."

Interviewer: "Okay, doctor... Okay"

Al-Hamss: "I am not holding back. It was you who called me, and I am telling you that I am not afraid to speak the truth. I am a health professional, a university lecturer, and the head of the surgery department at the faculty of..."

Interviewer: "Okay, doctor. We appreciate your steadfastness and perseverance... Let's go into some details, doctor..."

Al-Hamss: "We are here to make a case against you, before Allah."

Interviewer: "Okay, with your permission, doctor..."

Al-Hamss: "You have forsaken us..."

Interviewer: "Doctor, you talked a lot about the shortage in medicine, and the difficulty in bringing aid in. How are you dealing with these difficulties, right now?"

Al-Hamss: "Dear brother, the aid that comes in is laughable. The Arabs and their national sentiment have failed us."

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