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Jun 16, 2023
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Friday Sermon In Dhamar, Yemen By Houthi Islamic Scholar Muhammad Al-Mu'ayyad: The Jews Lead The U.S., Use It To Spread Moral Corruption On Earth, Seek To Promote Homosexuality, Destroy Muslim Women's Chastity

#10376 | 04:24
Source: Al-Masirah TV (Yemen)

In a Friday, June 16, 2023 sermon in Dhamar, Yemen that was aired on Al-Masirah TV (Houthis-Yemen), Houthi Islamic scholar Muhammad Al-Mu'ayyad said that the "Jewish-Zionist lobby" controls the United States and through it seeks to spread corruption throughout the world. He said that in the name of women's rights, the Jews use TV channels to drive Muslim women from their homes, depriving them of their modesty and chastity. Al-Mu'ayyad also said that the "Israelites" are promoting homosexuality and that America wants to spread homosexuality all over the world. He added that Saudi Arabia and UAE have prepared their societies to "accept any deviation" and are normalizing homosexuality as they have normalized their relations with Israel.

Muhammad Al-Mu'ayyad: "Allah said about the Israelites in the Quran: 'They strive to spread corruption in the land.' Oh Muslims, if we take this verse and observe the state of affairs of humanity in its entirety, as well as the state of affairs of the Islamic nation, we will find many examples of the Israelites' corruption. They want to corrupt everything. They want their corruption to reach every soul, as well as every home, every family, every society, and every nation.


"[The Jews] slayed even prophets. Ever since the establishment of the U.S.– the head of evil and tyranny of our age, the Yazid of our age, the mother of all crime, tyranny, and corruption – it has killed millions of people, Muslims and non-Muslims. It even used nuclear weapons to kill people. The U.S. has killed hundreds of millions of people. In Japan, in other non-Muslim countries, as well as in Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen, Syria, Palestine, and in many Islamic countries. Hundreds of millions of people have been killed by the U.S. Oh Muslims, who is leading the U.S.? It is the Jewish-Zionist lobby. It is running America. The U.S. is managed by the policies of the Jewish-Zionist lobby.


"Wahhabism – which was created by the Jews – strives to alter the notions of Islam and to spread cultures that disconnect those who espouse them from true Islam. Who is behind Wahhabism? Who is behind its creation? Who supported Wahhabism and spread it in our Islamic world? America, the Jews, and the Jewish lobby.


"Who is behind the TV channels that spread prostitution and moral corruption? Who is threatening to drive women out from their homes, and deprive them of their modesty, chastity, and their purity, in the name of freedom, women's rights, progress, and joining men at the workplace? The Jews. Who has caused Muslim women to mingle with men in government offices and other places? The Jews.


"One of the heinous moral crimes of the Israelites in our age is that in a dangerous precedent, they are promoting homosexuality, in violation of human nature and the laws of Allah. This heralds divine wrath and divine punishment. Today, the U.S. wants to spread homosexuality all over the world. And what is the position of those so-called Muslims who normalize [relations with Israel]? They will not fear to normalize even homosexuality. We saw how they laid the foundations for prostitution, and how they prepared their societies in Saudi Arabia and in the UAE to accept any deviation, no matter how perverted or heinous it is. They are working on it day and night."

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