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Jun 28, 2024
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Detroit Imam Imran Salha: The Presidential Debate Between Dumb And Dumber Demonstrated That The Last Hope For America Is Islam; We Are The Masters And The Teachers; You Are Ignorant, And I Am Knowledgeable – Please Step Aside; We Will Bring Shari'a Law And Spices To The White Man's Unseasoned Chicken; Oh Allah, Annihilate The Zionist Aggressors, Make Us Rejoice With Victory And Conquest Soon

#11229 | 01:47
Source: Online Platforms - "Islamic Center of Detroit on YouTube"

In a Friday, June 28, 2024 sermon at the Islamic Center of Detroit that was livestreamed on the Islamic Center's YouTube channel, Detroit Imam Imran Salha mocked the U.S. presidential elections as being "between Dumb and Dumber" even though America is the “educational capital of the world.” He mockingly said: "And they want to show us morality [and] how to be refined?" He said that the last hope for America is Islam, that the Muslims are the leaders, masters, and teachers of the world, and that the Muslims will bring shari'a law and spices to the "white man" and his "unseasoned chicken" in order to welcome him into the world of "non-colonized cuisine." He also prayed for Allah to assist the “oppressed” people in Palestine and in Gaza, to curse the "Zionist aggressors," and to annihilate them.

Imran Salha: "The educational capital of the world, with 300 million people, with universities that people come to from all around the country – when they have their presidential debate, it is between dumb and dumber, mashallah. And they want to show us morality? You want to teach me how to be refined? Excuse me, you are the ignorant and I am knowledgeable. Please step aside, because the last hope for America is in Islam.


"We are the ones that will remind them of the truth.


"We are the leaders of the world. We are the masters. We are the teachers.


"Don't worry about the filet mignon, and the unseasoned chicken of the white man that colonized our lands. We will bring sharia to your chicken, we will bring spices into your kitchens. Mashallah. For you to be welcomed into wonderful world of the non-colonized cuisine.


"Oh Allah, save the oppressed people in Palestine, Gaza, Sudan, Africa, and Kashmir. Oh Allah, save the oppressed people all over the world. Oh Allah, curse the Zionist aggressors. Oh Allah, annihilate them, for they are no match for You. Oh Allah, we make You our shield against them, and take refuge in You from their evil. Make us rejoice with victory and conquest soon, oh Lord of the Universe. "

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