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Dec 19, 2009
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Deputy Secretary-General of Hizbullah Naim Qassem: We Will Heed UN Resolutions Only If They Are Just

#2301 | 02:58
Source: Al-Manar TV (Lebanon)

Following are excerpts from a speech delivered by Naim Qassem, deputy secretary-general of Hizbullah, which aired on Al-Manar TV on December 19, 2009.

Naim Qassem: We welcome the will of the international community, but if it supports falsehood, perversion, and corruption, if it is unjust, if the UN resolutions are criminal and oppressive, and try to deprive us of our rights, our land, our honor, and the future of our generations to come – these [UN] resolutions and will are worthless, as far as we are concerned. We say this wholeheartedly.

Some people say: “Be careful not to say anything against the UN resolutions.” Why not?! What are these UN resolutions anyway? If they are just resolutions, we will support them, but if they are not, we will not support them and we will not heed them. We will follow our minds, our conscience, and our rights.

The will of the international community operates not for the sake of justice, but for the sake of its own interests. Listen to what the US administration said when it invaded Afghanistan and Iraq. It said that the invasion was for the sake of the interests of US citizens. Even if they destroy the entire world, the only thing that matters is that US citizens live in comfort. What about the Palestinians, the Lebanese, and Iraqis, and so on? If we do not insist upon our rights, nobody else will grant them to us. The American tyranny in the world cannot be dealt with by bowing [in submission], but by taking a courageous stand.

In the name of God, what did the will of the international community do to regain Palestine? It conspired against Palestine and the Palestinians. It gradually gave Palestine away, until it was entirely occupied from the [Jordan] River to the [Mediterranean] Sea. If any group in the world had acted like this – not taking a land as large as Palestine, but taking one square meter only – the world would be in turmoil, and all the armies would be on the move to return that piece of land to its owners.

In the case of Israel – they encouraged it. They encouraged it to kill and destroy, and to carry out heinous actions. They encouraged Israel to act with such arrogance, and it is this arrogance that generated the conviction among Palestinians that they will not be able to achieve their rights unless they rely on themselves, strengthen their resistance, and place their trust in Allah. Resistance is the solution. It is the [only] alternative.