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Apr 08, 2004
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Deputy Leader of Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt: 'A Nation That Does Not Excel At The Industry Of Death Does Not Deserve Life.'

#30 | 01:11
Source: Al-Manar TV (Lebanon)

Deputy leader of the Muslim Brotherhood, Mahmoud Al-Sayyid Ahmad Al-Habib, appeared on Hizbullah's TV station, Al-Manar, on April 8, 2004, and spoke in favor of both suicide bombings and terror attacks against Israel and the American forces in Iraq in general. Following is a translation of his comments

Mahmoud Al-Sayyid Ahmad Al-Habib: The truth is that the resistance, whether in Iraq or in Palestine, defends not only the holy places, the land, and the honor but also defends the nation's honor. They represent the first line of defense for the entire Arab and Islamic society and world.

Therefore, the issue of martyrdom and of the martyrdom (i.e. suicide) operations carried out by boys and girls, and also the operations carried out by the Iraqi resistance ? these redeem self-confidence and hope, because a nation that does not excel at the industry of death does not deserve life.

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