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Nov 22, 2022
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Canadian Activist Laith Marouf, Recently Deplatformed And Defunded For Antisemitism: Zionists Are Part Of The Western Ruling System; We Are At War, We Must Confront Them On All Battlefields

#9962 | 03:44
Source: Mayadeen TV (Lebanon)

On November 22, 2022, Mayadeen TV (Lebanon) aired an interview with Canadian political activist Laith Marouf, who has recently been banned from several social media platforms and who has had his contracts with the Canadian government as an "anti-racism" trainer canceled due to antisemitic statements he has made. Marouf said that the Zionists have "forced" social media companies like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and TikTok to "circumvent" laws, and that the Zionists have created a situation in which they – instead of the courts – get to define racism and antisemitism, since Zionism is otherwise indefensible. He criticized the Canadian government and legal system for being unjust, and he said that Palestinians, Arabs, and Muslims must confront the Zionists "on all battlefields" since there is an "open war" with them. He also claimed that deplatforming him has cost the Zionists millions of dollars. In addition, Marouf said that the Zionists are part of the ruling system throughout the West, and that politicians can only win elections by gaining the favor of Zionists. According to online reports, Marouf has collected over $600,000 in Canadian federal government contracts since 2015. In a tweet from September 2021, he said that he doesn't give a rat's ass about the feelings of Jews, in another tweet he referred to "the Jewish White Supremacists" as "loud mouthed bags of human feces."

Laith Marouf: "The Zionists want to circumvent the laws, because they are unable to defend Zionism as an identity. As we saw in the meeting at Congress, they brought Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube..."

Interviewer: "And TikTok."

Marouf: "And TikTok as well...


"They try to force these [companies] to circumvent the laws, and to become the ones to define racism, rather than leaving it to the courts. This drive to make Zionism a protected identity is something they would be unable to achieve through the courts.



"They circumvent the law, and as we have seen, the social networks heeded their orders and deplatformed me."

Interviewer: "You were annihilated or executed, so to speak, in the social networks. You and all your content have been removed."

Marouf: "Currently, the Canadian government as terminated its contract with me, and demanded to get back all the money spent on the lectures and conferences. This will force us to take the matter to court.


"They say that I am antisemitic, and this is why they terminated the contract in my association. In court, they will have to show what antisemitism is. Obviously, they will lose the case, because there is a huge difference between Zionism and Judaism, and they will not be able to conflate the two in court.


"Naturally, the courts in Canada are not just. I am not taking about this because I have hope to see any justice from the Canadian courts. The indigenous people in Canada are suffering to this day, and the courts do nothing for them.


"We have an open war on all fronts with the Zionists.

"As part of this war, we are required, as Palestinians, Arabs, and Muslims, to confront them on all the battlefields, even if we know we will lose. This is an attrition of our enemy. The attack on me in the past two and a half months...The hundreds of thousands of articles and clips, broadcast on television and radio in Canada, as well as the attack on me in the Canadian and American parliaments required the Zionists to mobilize a large part of their organization and cost them millions of dollars just to close my account, which had 6,000 followers.


"The regime in South Africa was not a major part of the global imperialist system. The Zionists in Palestine not only rule an important and strategic land – Palestine, where all the continents meet – but also as Zionists living in Western countries – in Canada, in America, and in Europe – they serve as an integral part of the ruling system. For example, if someone wants to run in the elections in Canada, he must obtain the support of the Zionists in the Canadian media. The South Africans did not have to deal with such a thing. Therefore, it is difficult for the Western system to get rid of the Zionists completely, like they got rid of the racists of South Africa."

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