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Oct 09, 2021
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Danish Islamic Scholar Mundhir Abdallah Criticizes The Taliban For Compromising On The Goal Of Global Islamic Caliphate: You Cannot Recognize Countries Like China And Qatar; Your Goal Should Be To Liberate Humanity From The Filth Of Liberalism, The Injustice Of Capitalism

#9134 | 03:03
Source: Al-Waqiyah TV (Lebanon)

In an October 9, 2021 video that was uploaded to Hizb ut-Tahrir’s Al-Waqiyah YouTube channel, Mundhir Abdallah, a Danish Islamic scholar affiliated with Hizb ut-Tahrir, criticized the Taliban for limiting their focus to Afghanistan and Afghan identity, rather than the greater Islamic nation and Islamic identity. He said that the Taliban should be championing the cause of liberating all of humanity from the "filth of liberalism and the injustice of capitalism." He also criticized the Taliban for recognizing "tyrannical" regimes which rule over Muslims in countries like China, Turkey, and Qatar.

In past sermons, Mundhir Abdallah has said that jihad necessitates the conquest of Europe and has called for the killing of Jews. In July 2018, Mundhir Abdallah was indicted in Denmark for calling for the murder of Jews in a 2017 sermon that was translated and published by MEMRI. For more information, see MEMRI TV Clips Nos. 7407, 6689, and 6013, and read the full MEMRI report here.

Mundhir Abdallah: "When you declare that you want to establish an [Islamic emirate] only in Afghanistan, it means that you are willing to compromise on the Islamic plan, the Islamic identity. My Taliban brothers – your identity is not the Afghan identity. Your cause is not Afghanistan. One’s affiliation is not defined by land or by race. What determines one’s affiliation and loyalty is one’s faith.

"According to our faith, you are part of the Islamic nation, and your cause is the cause of Islam, the cause of making the word of Allah reign supreme, the cause of restoring governance according to the law of Allah, the cause of uniting the Islamic nation, and the cause of liberating humanity from the filth of liberalism and the injustice of capitalism. Islam defines you cause and your identity. Therefore, when you say that what is going on outside of Afghanistan does not concern you, that you respect other countries’ sovereignty, and that you abide by international law… What international law? The international law that tears the Muslim countries apart? The international law that forced the occupying Jewish entity upon the holy land of Palestine?


"If you are unable to liberate the Muslims in the countries that you share a border with – in China, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, and Tajikistan – then why do you send messages of reassurance to these countries? Why do you recognize these countries? Pay attention: according to shari’a law, it is forbidden to recognize tyrannical regimes in Muslim countries. Relations with the regimes that rule Muslim countries are not like the relations with Sweden, Switzerland, or Japan.

"With such countries, that do not actually fight Muslims or occupy Muslim countries, it is permitted to establish temporary political, economic, and trade relations with them. But the [Taliban] movement is prohibited from recognizing the Qatari, Turkish, or Uzbek regimes. These are illegitimate regimes that lord over the Muslims, and rule by regimes of heresy. If you establish relations with them, then you recognize them, and that is forbidden, according to shari'a law."

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