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May 24, 2023
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Delegation From Italy's CasaPound Fascist Movement Visits Syria; Head Of Syrian Community In Italy: We Paid Pakistanis And Indians To Join Our Pro-Assad Demonstrations

#10326 | 02:33
Source: Syrian TV

On May 24, 2023, Syria TV aired a panel with a delegation from the Italian CasaPound Italia (CPI) Fascist movement that was visiting Syria. Jamal Abu Abbas, the head of the Syrian community in Italy, said that early on during the Syrian civil war, members of CPI approached the Syrians in Italy, offered their support, and identified with the Syrian cause as their own cause. He said that the Fascists came "in droves" to rallies held by the Syrians, and that this inspired him to bring them to visit Syria. Gianluca Iannone, the President of CPI, said that his organization has visited Syria almost a dozen times and has carried out eight humanitarian missions in Syria. He also emphasized CPI's loyalty, friendship, and support for the Syrian regime, the Syrian people, and Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad.

Jamal Abu Abbas: "At the beginning of the war, in 2011, we were afraid to raise the Syrian flag during rallies. We were under attack. In 2012, it was the same. We would use Pakistanis and Indians. We would pay them money to just come and raise the flag with us. We were few because people were afraid."

Host: "You brought them to support and protect you."

Abu Abbas: "We wanted to show the world that we Syrians are here, and this is our flag. At the beginning of 2013, we had a rally across from the Syrian Embassy, and people [from CPI, CasaPound Italia) came to me and said: 'We understand the situation in Syria, and we want to help. If you need anything from us, we are here for you.'"

Host: "You mean, as a political party."

Abu Abbas: "Yes, as a political party. They said: 'If you want, we will join you in your rallies and support you. They Syrian cause is our cause.' This was right from the start. We told them that they were welcome. For the rallies we organized afterwards, we would call them and they would come in droves. Then I had an idea that we should take them to Syria, so they could see with their own eyes the situation there.


"They are not afraid, because they are rebels. People say that they are fascists. What is a fascist? I am as fascist, just like them. They love their country, Italy, and I love my country, Syria."


Gianluca Iannone: "Since that moment, we came [to Syria] ten more times, carrying out eight humanitarian missions. We missed the last two years, physically, but not mentally or spiritually, because of COVID. Today, we are here to reiterate our loyalty, our friendship, our maximum support to the Arab Republic of Syria, to its people, and its president."


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