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Dec 28, 2021
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Jordanian Parliament Debate On Constitutional Amendment Regarding Women's Rights Turns Into Brawl

#9267 | 02:37
Source: Jordan TV

On December 28, 2021, the Jordanian Parliament's YouTube channel livestreamed a parliamentary debate about constitutional reforms that would advance women's rights, which deteriorated into a brawl. The debate got out of hand when MP Suleiman Abu Yahya accused Speaker of the House Abdul Karim Dughmi of being unable to run the parliamentary meeting. Footage of the brawl was also uploaded to Jordan TV on YouTube on the same day. For other brawls in the Jordanian parliament, see MEMRI TV Clips no. 6953, no. 3978, and no. 1616.

Abdul Karim Dughmi: "Brothers, the first amendment to the Jordanian Constitution for 2021: the expression 'and Jordanian women' shall be added to the title of the second chapter, after the words 'Jordanian men.' The legal committee gives its consent."

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